Levi Johnson Talks About His Career, K-Fed And Backstabbing Sarah

levi_johnston_shirtless-diapers-trippIn case you didn’t know, this is Levi’s big week (at least, he hopes it’s big). The week in which his career as a model/actor/singer/icon takes a giant leap forward with his photo shoot in Playgirl. The night before Levi bared his nude self, he bared his soul to Michael Musto of The Village Voice, and he managed to drop a few details about his relationship with his baby mama and his baby grandmama.

We already know that Levi decided not to go full monty in his photo shoot… maybe it was kinda cold in the studio? Levi did manage to keep the feud going between himself and the former governor of Alaska, calling her a “backstabber.” Ouch. Check it out:

“Me: I do. What kind of sex did you have with Bristol? Wildly kinky stuff or just plain in-and-out?

Levi: I’m not gonna get into that. That’s too personal.

Me: Fine, be that way. When you’re allowed near your kid, are things tense between you and Bristol?

Levi: We don’t have much to say to each other: “Hi.”

Me: That’s better than “Hi, monster’s spawn.” Did you vote last year?

Levi: Yeah, for Palin. At the time, she was gonna be my mother-in-law, and everything was good. I knew some things, but I was gonna marry her daughter. I wouldn’t vote for her again—I’ll tell you that. She puts on a big front. She’s a big backstabber. She said things to me and things behind my back. And the truth really comes out now!

Me: Well, you’re riding high nonetheless. I heard you want to act, model, and maybe even sing. Will you be better than K-Fed?

Levi: Who? Oh, Federline? I’m a country singer—I’m not gonna be no rapper. I’m sure I couldn’t rap any better than him.

Me: Don’t be so sure.”

Ha! I love the fact that — even in this brief interview — Musto managed to bash K-Fed. Ingenious.

Here’s what I’m wondering: Do you think that Levi’s feud with his baby’s grandmother is real, or is it something that helps both celebs stay in the media, so they just keep it up to make headlines? I mean, if there were really anything to say, wouldn’t they have said it by now?

Maybe this is just all a big stunt and Levi is going to the Palins’ house for Thanksgiving.


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