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Hi Everyone! Thanks for joining The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion part two live blog.  From what we’ve seen of the previews this is going to be a showdown.

How this works:I am going to be constantly updating this post throughout the show. To see what’s new and just been added just hit refresh. Please join in the conversation by leaving a comment.  It will not show up right away but I will be approving them as soon as I see them come in.

Why do it this way? Because I want you to be included. While I know Famecrawler readers  are all lovely insightful people with important opinions that need to and should be shared, sometimes people have things to say that aren’t necessarily for a public forum so I need to be able to moderate.9:00: And we’re off!

9:01: Caroline is conjuring Kim G. Will she appear?  Is Caroline magic?

9:03: Episode flashback to prove that Danielle is a gay advocate…whose “entourage” slings the F-word. Did it make her lose her title?  Andy should just call this one.

9:05: Summary of the first five minutes: Caroline: You’re perfect.  Danielle: I am. I was never wrong. It’s editing. Repeat.

9:08:  Teresa is thisclose to losing it.

9:10:  Their tarting to bully.  This is pretty unfair.  In the past two minutes, they’ve accused her of stalking them and sleeping with married men.

9:10:  Ohhh, she walked! Danielle walked.  Teresa’s ready to beat a bitch.  Jacqueline is in it!  Great role model for their kids.

9:10:  Danielle just admitted she’s gay! “Lori can attest I don’t sleep with married men.”

9:14: I can’t tell if Andy is getting annoyed or loving every second of this showdown.  Thought? Also-anyone wanna make a bet at how many more times Danielle is going to walk off?

9:17: What happened off camera?  Last week during part one, it was alluded that Danielle tried to get her child taken away from her.  I have a feeling that its not entirely true.  These women air all their dirty laundry in public.

9:18: Ashley is out of control. Jacqueline needs to pull her off the show. The second she started fighting with Danielle, Jacqueline should have said, you’re done.

9:20: Jacqueline is not strict. Sorry-she’s just not. But, is she a bad parent.  What do you guys think?

9:22: I remember this Twitter war happening. Danielle did say, every wish come true. Danielle is now saying she didn’t do it. Did she actually read it?  I am kind of doubting it.  Going Team Danielle on this one. And she apologized.

9:30:  I agree with Denise that Jacqueline does not display good  parenting.  Also, good call Jeanne!  She thinks Bravo encouraged it and I agree.

9:30:  The peanut gallery gets silent when Teresa is clearly at fault.  Teresa has proven over and over that she goes nuts at the drop of a dime.  She would not have just calmly talked to Danielle. She is incapable of doing anything calmly.

9:31: Andy Cohen got pushed last time and can’t even rip out an extension on this special,  Man needs to hit the gym.

9:32:  More wishing Kim G was there.  Thinking Kim G may be the newest housewife.

9:33:  Ashley was laughing in court?  Jacqueline needs to pull her from the show.  At 19, maybe she can’t figure out what is real and what is reality TV?

9:34: To everyone in the comments saying this is the same old thing (We hate Danielle, Danielle is evil, she’s a whore, blah blah, bitch) I agree!  They need new blood and to just stop beating up on the odd one out.

9:40:  Kim G plays sides like I’ve never seen!  She’s edging for a spot on this show like no ones business.  She showed up at Danielle’s birthday at Scores and tried to crash it!  I was there and she pretended to drive away and then attempted to sneak back in but a bodyguard stopped her.

9:42: Caroline is magic!  Kim G was conjured!

9:43:  Bleep, bleep, censored.  Kim G is taking speech lessons from Teresa.  She’s also looks like she’s been getting some botox.

9:44: Kim G is wise though.  Kiss the matriarchs butt, get on Caroline’s good side.

9:45:  Woah!  Kim G is starting with Teresa.  There will be blood shed. Do not call Kim old.

9:49:  Foreshadowing by Jacqueline “I don’t really want to do this anymore.”  Will she be the one who leaves the show?

9:52: Thank you Mary for pointing out how no one believes Teresa’s husband drank after he got in an accident, yet no one calls her out on it.  Excellent point!

9:53: Caroline is really dropping in esteem in everyone’s opinion.  Until she throws a punch or one of her kids throws a punch, she’s still slightly more respectable than the rest of them.

10:00:  Even Danielle won’t tell off Caroline.  This woman is untouchable.

10:02: Has Jacqueline just behaved like a grown up?  OMG! Andy Cohen is totally going to fire her.Mature behavior is not acceptable on Housewives.

10:06:  Danielle has one upped Jacqueline apology.  Tears always win.

10:12: Anyone believe they all just made up?  They’ve spent the last few hours wanting to kill each other and now they’re just like “Whoops, sorry.” “Okay, all good.”

10:13: Oh-Caroline just regained respect by calling them all phoney!

10:14: And it ends on a positive note.  No one left the show!?!?!  The rumors weren’t true. Um, shocking?  But I guess no one was sent to the hospital and that was, perhaps, enough of a surprise.

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