Look Deep Into My Eyes, Baby: 16 Celebrities Who Have Different Colored Peepers!

Kate Bosworth was recently in the news this past weekend for marrying her long-time beau Michael Polish in a beautiful hilltop wedding in Montana. While looking at her wedding photos and some random pics of her and Michael, I couldn’t help but think that she has a pair of really amazing eyes — until I looked a little further and realized that she has two different colored eyes!

What Kate actually has is heterochromia, which is a difference in coloration, usually of the iris, but can also be found in hair and skin, and is most often the result of genetics and sometimes even injury. Actress Alice Eve, who also has heterochromia, pointed out that her ex-boyfriend didn’t even realize that she had two different colored eyes until after nine months of dating! And that’s probably the reason why he’s an ex now!

Check out our photo gallery below of other celebrities who have heterochromia and tell us, do you know anyone who has two different colored eyes as well?

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    I wanted to start off with Alice Eve because if you ask me, she has the most gorgeous eyes in this slideshow! Alice appeared on Conan O'Brien's talk show, and the host pointed out her heterochromia, with Alice claiming that an ex-boyfriend failed to notice her mismatched eyes for nine months. "He was like, 'Do you have different colored eyes?' and I was like, 'Are you joking? What have you been looking at, nine months in?'" And that's probably why that dude is an ex now!

    Source via Fox News Magazine

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    Virginia Madsen of the movie The Number 23 was born with a green eye and a brown eye.

    Source via Fox News Magazine

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    Black Swan's beautiful Mila Kunis has a green left eye and a brown right eye.

    Source via Fox News Magazine

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    The actress arguably best known for Blue Crush has one blue eye and one eye that's blue and hazel.

    Source via Fox News Magazine

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    Benedict Cumberbatch is a celebrity with sectoral heterochromia, although one is quite hazel while the other is blue.

    Source via Kanbya Mad World Blog

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    Elizabeth Berkley, best known on Saved by the Bell as good girl Jessie Spano, has one brown eye and the other is a blueish-green.

    Source via Kanbya Mad World Blog

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    He's got gorgeous eyes, doesn't he? Jonathan Rhys Meyers' left eye is partial hazel/blue and his right eye is blue.

    Source via Kanbya Mad World Blog

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    Okay, this is an interesting story here. Many people think David Bowie has two different colored eyes, but that's not the case as they're both blue. What you're seeing is his permanently dilated pupil. When he was about 15, Bowie got in a fight with a good friend whose fingernail sliced into his eye just so as he got clocked. Doctors were concerned that he would lose his sight entirely in that eye but ended up being able to restore it.

    Source via Kanbya Mad World Blog

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    It's all in the eyes, baby. Wentworth Miller from Prison Break has one eye that is blue and the other is green.

    Source via Kanbya Mad World Blog

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    Kate Bosworth isn't the only Superman alumnus with heterochromia. The condition also appears in Man of Steel star Henry Cavill's left eye, which is both blue and brown.

    Source via Kanbya Mad World Blog

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    Simon Pegg's eyes are blue-grey with brown areas, which he once explained by saying, "I am slightly mutanty."

    Source via OMG! Yahoo

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    Dr. Quinn would have been able to diagnose this heterchromia right away, even though Jane Seymour's case is a bit more subtle with one brown and one hazel eye.

    Source via OMG! Yahoo

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    When asked about his "fantastic eyes" by a red-carpet reporter, Dallas actor Josh Henderson admitted that they were always a topic of discussion. "It's kind of like a give and take," he added, revealing that he's almost blind in his left eye without contacts.

    Source via OMG! Yahoo

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    As if he needed another reason to be distinctive, Christopher Walken shares Kate Bosworth's blue-and-hazel combo.

    Source via OMG! Yahoo

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