More Lies & Deceit From Octomom


Nadya “Octomom” Suleman is reportedly inking a deal to write a book, which would be great if we could believe a word she says.  More lies and deceit spill from those ridiculous lips.

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I will be amazed if Nadya’s 14 children grow up without needing therapy.  Honestly, this woman does not know how to tell the truth if  her life depended on it.

Suleman, once again baring her soul to RadarOnline:

In an exclusive new story for, Suleman says she went behind the donor’s back and used prior fertilized embryos, that he did not know had been frozen, in order to concieve what she thought would be her seventh child.  Instead, she became pregnant with octuplets.

Speaking to her best friend over dinner Wednesday night,  Nadya allowed only to record their intimate conversation.  Suleman said that over the course of several years, prior to having the octuplets, she convinced and even begged the still unidentified man to donate sperm, which resulted in the birth of her first six children.  

After having six kids using his sperm, Suleman wanted another, so for the last time she was inseminated, she used frozen embryos that were left over. 

The problem is: the donor dad had absolutely no idea she had additional embryos.

Said Suleman: “That was my problem. That was my choice. That was my stupidity.”

Nadya says he was upset when he found out they had been frozen and that he didn’t give his consent to that. “I went behind his back and used them all. He didn’t want me to. I feel so much guilt for that.”

Nadya says she wants to apologize to him.  “How was I to know more than one would grow?”, she asks.

I particularly love how Nadya’s best friend blames the sperm donor.  Oh, well, he was the one who decided to put sperm in a cup, so therefore, it’s his damn fault that Nadya went behind his back and lied and maniuplated the situation so she could keep having baby after baby after baby.

Seriously, the woman needs help.  Do you think her kids will turn out OK?  Wait until they are older, and their mother is still milking the situation for all she can – I’m betting they won’t appreciate cameras being shoved in their faces all the time.

Check out the video from the ‘source’ below.


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