More Trouble In Bethenny Frankel's Marriage?! (Photos)

Big fight?!

Okay, I want to show you guys something.  I want to show you how crap paparazzi and unethical websites can spin any set of photos taken of celebrities anywhere and why seeing isn’t exactly believing anymore.

Here’s how it goes down.  Paparazzi types stalk celebrities and snap photos.  You know how it is with photos.  One second in time can mean everything or nothing.  These paparazzi types snap eighty billion photos.  They pick the most salacious one and sell it to outlets who then sell it to websites with writers like me who may or may not choose to create a story when, in fact, there is none.

See how I did that with the title of this post and the photo I chose to use?  Bethenny is actually smiling in several of the photos and yet I used this one.  Where they kind of look like they might be fighting.  I didn’t mean to trick you, just wanted to show you how easy it’s done.

Click here to see more photos of Bethenny, Jason and Bryn.

Say you’re walking down the street with your husband and this photog is going nuts taking photos and at that moment you maybe realized you forgot to pay your mortgage and turn to your husband and say, “Oh my gosh!  I forgot to send the mortgage bill!”

Boom!  That’s the pic they sell to everyone, the picture that has you madly yelling something to your husband.  The caption that accompanied these photos of Bethenny and her husband Jason mentioned how they “showed no affection” as they walked over to check out their apartment that’s under construction.  The caption also said “hope there’s room for Jason in the new place”.

So I guess I could spin these photos of Bethenny and Jason that way.  Salacious post title, pick the photo that has the couple looking kinda angry and talk about how they walked down the street barely talking to each other *gasp*!  And there you go.  A story based on no facts.  But, quite honestly, I don’t walk down the street pawing at my husband and batting my eyelashes his way, especially when I’m holding our son.  If you photographed us on any day of the week you’d probably think we were near divorce… Which, some days, isn’t so far off.  So, could Bethenny’s marriage be in trouble?  Maybe.  And maybe they’re doing just fine.  Who am I to say?

What I can tell you is that they’re an awfully cute family.  The title of this post should say Bethenny and Jason Go For A Walk because in looking at these photos, that’s about all we can legitimately glean from them.  I dig Jason with the scruff or the beard, Bethenny is in smoking hot shape and the kid is adorable.  Check ’em out below:

  • Family of Three 1 of 7
    Family of Three
    "Bethenny Ever After" star Bethenny Frankel strolls with her husband Jason Hoppy and baby Bryn in Tribeca
  • Bryn is Getting So Big! 2 of 7
    Bryn is Getting So Big!
    The family was checking out their new apartment currently being renovated.
  • No Stroller 3 of 7
    No Stroller
    I think Bethenny once tweeted she couldn't find a stroller Bryn likes. That still seems to be the case as she's mostly spotted carrying Bryn.
  • Who Does Bryn Look More Like? 4 of 7
    Who Does Bryn Look More Like?
    Mom or dad? I think she looks more like Jason.
  • The Alleged “Fight” 5 of 7
    The Alleged "Fight"
    This photo could be interpreted a million different ways. It'll be interesting to see what other websites do with it.
  • Bryn is Beautiful 6 of 7
    Bryn is Beautiful
    See? Don't you think she looks like dad?
  • Happily Ever After? 7 of 7
    Happily Ever After?
    I must admit, I'm a Bethenny fan so I hope these two are doing great.


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