MTVs Teen Moms: Are They Profiting As "Celebrity Moms"?

MTV's Teen Mom

When it was reported a while back that Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood rakes in about $280,000 a year for well, being a teen mom on a hit MTV show with a well-documented anger management problem, a lot of critics were up in arms over her six-figured salary. Why is MTV allowing judgment-impaired teens to make enough money to glamorize and glorify something so taboo and controversial as teen pregnancy?

Well, we’ve got news for you: not every teen mom on the show is an Amber Portwood. In fact, while MTV stars from other shows are racking in millions, the teen moms are barely bringing in enough money to get their highlights fixed and pay the rent on time. And the sad part is that they could be making much more. And I mean much, much more.

Being a celebrity mom is a very profitable business right now — while everyone from Jessica Alba to Alyson Hannigan to even Tori Spelling is cashing in with their own baby and mom-minded business, diaper deals, sponsorships and endorsements, we haven’t seen the Teen Moms take that path.

A lot of Hollywood celebrity moms use any opportunity to get into the spotlight by attending Pamper’s Potty Dances, promoting eco-friendly home products for the family, and even writing your own mom blog, which even Kourtney Kardashian has taken the time to do.

So how come we haven’t seen a Maci Bookout or a Chelsea Houska start a mom blog or their own line of baby bottles or modeling careers for Victoria’s Secret (they sure love those Pink shirts, don’t they?). While they are making an effort to do things such as speaking engagements, etc. we’re sure these women can go much further with not just their mom titles, but their “celebrity mom” images as well.

Check out our photo gallery of Teen Mom stars that have been going down the “celebrity mom” route…  and who hasn’t.

  • Farrah Abraham 1 of 9
    Farrah Abraham
    While Farrah has been trying to make a name for herself as a chef, she's actually profiting from her teen mom image too by writing a book about her struggles as a young mom (out on Amazon too) and an upcoming cookbook.
    Source via Starcasm
  • Amber Portwood 2 of 9
    Amber Portwood
    Amber doesn't make any income outside of her Teen Mom salary (which is reportedly to be $140,000 for a six-month contract, or $280,000 annually), but because she's the most recognized star from the show who makes the most headlines (thanks to her stints in jail), that's most likely why she brings home the fattest checks.
    Source via Starcasm
  • Maci Bookout 3 of 9
    Maci Bookout
    Maci Bookout reportedly makes about $60,000 per season, episodes. She also does speaking engagements where she talks about the pros and cons of being a teenaged mom where she can command anywhere from $1,000 - $5,000 per speech.
    Source via Examiner
  • Gary Shirley 4 of 9
    Gary Shirley
    Ahhh, the Teen Mom intellect. While Gary's MTV salary has never been disclosed, there has been speculation that he makes just as much as his ex-girlfriend and baby-mama, Amber Portwood. He's also a businessman who sells his "It's Gary Time" t-shirts online for about $15-$20. Who buys them, I do not know but all I can say is this: he should start a daddy blog.
    Source via The Stir
  • Chelsea Houska 5 of 9
    Chelsea Houska
    Chelsea Houska needs to stop dyeing her hair every week and taking self portraits to post on Twitter because this gal is Sammi Sweetheart-broke. The teen mama, who sold her clothes to make her rent payment on an episode earlier this year, should go into the celebrity mom style business.
    Source via Holly Baby
  • Catelynn Lowell 6 of 9
    Catelynn Lowell
    Season one star Catelynn Lowell and her boyfriend, Tyler Baltierra were both evicted from their Michigan home after failing to make their rent payments. They've since then began booking speaking engagements to help pull in extra cash.
    Source via Starcasm
  • Leah Messer 7 of 9
    Leah Messer
    As a mom of twins, we're sure Leah would have some interesting things to say if she started her own blog, too. Sadly though she hasn't and has instead gone down the tabloid fodder route instead.
    Source via Holly Baby
  • Ryan Edwards 8 of 9
    Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards, who actually comes off as cute and likable on the show, has mostly been unemployed and accused of skipping child-suport checks, so it's safe to assume that his net worth is almost next to none. But he's still cute though!
    Source via Hollywood Life
  • Kailyn Lowry 9 of 9
    Kailyn Lowry
    Kailyn Lowry is supposedly one of the more popular gals from the Teen Mom series - we could see her do an endorsement for diapers or better yet, start a blog on teen moms who date!
    Source via The Stir

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