Oh Brother! 10 Celebrity Moms With All-Boy Families

Recently, Naomi Watts talked about the joys of raising sons Sasha and Sammy–and indicated that she might be willing to go for a third, if she could guarantee having a girl. But she’s not the only Hollywood mom living as the lone girl in an all-boy household. So who else is raising an all-boy brood–and who might be looking to add a girl to the mix? Check it out!

Gwen Stefani
Sons: Kingston, 4, and Zuma, 21 months
Going for a girl? Bet on it.
The rocker mom and her husband are rumored to be looking to add a third baby to their family, and Stefani has said that she wants a girl. Will it inspire her to make expand her L.A.M.B line to onesies and footed sleepers? One can only hope!

Victoria Beckham
Sons: Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 7, and Cruz, 5
Going for a girl? Bet on it.
If rumors are to be believed (and its just so much more fun to believe in them, isn’t it?) Posh and Becks are trying for baby #4. Like, really trying–in the hopes of having a baby girl. So will the fourth time be the charm? We hope so. It would be fun to give Suri Cruise a little run for her money, wardrobe-wise.

Cate Blanchett
Sons: Dashiell, 8, Roman, 6, and Ignatius, 2
Going for a girl? Doubt it.
No word on whether Cate is done having kids or not, but either way, don’t expect to hear the Academy Award winner pining away for a daughter–she has talked openly about enjoying the energy that little boys give off. So I’d expect that were she to choose to have another child, she would be quite happy with another boy.

Pamela Anderson
Sons: Brandon, 13, and Dylan, 12
Going for a girl? Doubt it.
Pamela appears to be all done having kids–although I have learned to never say never, when it comes to celebrities and procreation. If she does have another and its a girl, we just hope she continues the 90210 trend and chooses either Brenda, Kelly, or Donna as a name. Maybe Andrea. Definitely not Emily Valentine.

Jennifer Connelly
Sons: Kai, 13, and Stellan, 6
Going for a girl: Doubt it.
Jennifer Connelly seems like a mother of boys to me. I have no basis for this in fact, and frankly, I can’t really put my finger on why I feel this way. She just looks like a woman who only has sons. Perhaps its because in addition to being quite beautiful, you could also describe her looks as handsome. Perhaps its because she seems so demure and soft-spoken that I picture her having neat, well-behaved sons. Whatever it is, I’d be surprised if she were to have a daughter.

Summer Phoenix
Sons: Indiana, 4, Atticus, 2
Going for a girl: Bet on it.
Coming from a family of 5, I wouldn’t imagine Phoenix, who is only 31 herself, would stop at 2. And with sister-in-law Jennifer Garner only having girls, there might be pressure on Summer to keep giving the Affleck family more little boys to fill all those Red Sox caps.

Jenna Elfman
Sons: Story, 3, and Easton, 5 weeks
Going for a girl: Too soon to tell
Well, since she probably hasn’t had a decent night’s sleep in the last month or so, we’ll just keep our prognostication in check, and just let her enjoy brand-new baby Easton before we go talking about another pregnancy.

Holly Combs
Boys: Finley, 6, Riley, 4, and Kelley, 1
Going for a girl? Doubt it.
All three of Combs deliveries were by c-section, and the last pregnancy was considered high-risk. So if I had to guess, I’d say she’s not likely to have any more kids–based on the medical advice most women receive not to have more than 3 c-sections. But who knows? I’m not a doctor. Clearly.

Britney Spears
Boys: Sean Preston, 4, and Jayden James, 3
Going for a girl? Bet on it.
Something tells me that Ms. Spears is so not done having kids. I mean, she’s so young–just 28, which is crazy considering the fact that I have a hard time remembering the world of celebrity gossip before Britney Spears. At any rate, I think I speak for the entire world when I say we’d love to see her dress and style a daughter–as long as it didn’t involve Catholic school girl attire. Or a python. Or anything see-through, skin tight or made of pleather.

On second thought, maybe I take back what I just said a second ago. Maybe some moms wind up with all boys for a reason.

Photo 1, 3: Pacific Coast News
Photo 2: Elder Ordonez/INFPotos.com
Photos 4, 5: INFPhotos.com

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