One-Night Stands: 5 Famous Men Who Sired Babies from One Time Trysts!

James Marsden's One-Night Stand

If you are a celebrity male, odds are that no matter where you rank in the world of fame and fortune women will flock to you. Here’s what occasionally happens.

The celebrity male and the fan meet. There is an attraction. They hit it off. Next thing you know they are rolling in the proverbial hay. But in the midst of the passion, precautions may have been overlooked like using some method of birth control during the tryst.  Occasionally there are other culprits like a broken condom, a missed pill but sometimes the two just throw caution to the wind.  It’s just a one-night stand, what can happen right? Oh, lots.

Check out 5 celebrity dads who had babies from one-night-stands!

Beyond the unsavory outcomes like disease that can be the result of unprotected sex, there is another life changing event that can develop. A baby.  It’s simple science and the topic of the birds and the bees is one that every grown man and woman knows about. Yet, the one night stand with the added bonus of conception still occurs. One-night stands are surprisingly common, a survey done by Durex found that – according to the sexually active adults they spoke with – that 45% have had a one-night stand.

It would be a pretty big deal for any woman to find out she is with child after a one-night stand. But being knocked up by a celebrity adds a whole lot more drama to the situation. If leaked, the story becomes news with tabloids and news agencies wanting all the juicy details. And then there is the money. A legal battle, with paternity tests and large financial payouts will follow.

So who has this happened to? Here are five celebrity dads who sired a baby from a one-night-stand!

  • James Marsden 1 of 5
    James Marsden who got divorced in late 2011 and already has two children once hooked up with Brazilian model Rose Costa. The two met in Miami and had a one night stand. Next thing you know, 24-year-old Rose finds out she is pregnant. And while James Marsden was single at the time of their tryst, Rose wasn't. She was in a serious relationship with actor Chris Santos. "She confessed everything," a source told the Post. "She told him they hooked up one night, one time." But her honesty did heal the wounds of her infidelity, the two have reportedly since broken up.
    Source: Huffington Post
  • Benicio Del Toro 2 of 5
    Academy Award nominated actor Benicio del Toro reportedly had a one-night stand with Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly Stewart. The two welcomed a baby girl last August. The two are not romantically involved but Benicio del Toro has vowed to be a part of his daughter's life.
    Source: Holly Scoop
  • Jude Law 3 of 5
    Jude Law reportedly met American model Samantha Burke at a nightclub in New York City. The two had one night together which resulted in Burke becoming pregnant and nine-months later giving birth to a baby girl named Sophia. Jude Law has been financially supporting the baby since her birth.
    Source: Daily Mail
  • Cristiano Ronaldo 4 of 5
    Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo hooked up with a 20-year-old British waitress in the United Stated. She became pregnant with his child but opted not to keep the baby boy. In an interesting twist, Ronaldo reportedly gave her many millions to sign off all rights to Cristiano Jr. who the soccer star is raising as a single dad.
    Source: Celebrity Baby Scoop
  • Gavin Rossdale 5 of 5
    Gwen Stefani was reportedly blindsided when news came out that Gavin Rossdale had a child born years before the two became a couple and got married. Gavin conceived daughter (and now model) Daisy Lowe from one-night stand with Pearl Lowe— Daisy was born in 1989. But everyone seems to be getting along fine now, with Daisy being spotted hanging out with her little half brothers Kingston and Zuma.
    Source: Celebrity Baby Scoop

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