Oops! Top 10 Questionable Parenting Moments By Celebrities (Check Out Our Photos!)

Suri Cruise with make-up on.

Yes, we understand that celebrity moms and dads are real human beings and make the same mistakes like you and I, but thankfully for us we don’t have paparazzi looming at every corner each time we step out of the house.

Putting that fact aside, would you still allow your often photographed 5-year-old daughter wear dark red lipstick knowing she would be spotted by the paps outside your hotel (and make red lipstick lover Christina Aguilera jealous to the bone)?

And how many moms do you know that wear five inch heels while carrying their two-month-old baby out on the streets of New York? (Yes, Victoria Beckham, this side eye is for you.)

Or how about making a big deal out of nothing, Ms. Kate “The Pizza Is Dirty” Gosselin?

Sure, we all do goofy things when we have mom brain, but with some of these celebrities, we’re just not that sure what they were thinking.

Check out our gallery and our top ten celebrity parenting “oops” moments and tell us if you agree or disagree with these pics!


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    Please, Victoria Beckham, whatever you do, don't let Baby Harper ever borrow those shoes. Not only are they inappropriate while carrying your two-month-old baby, but they're pretty hideous looking too!
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    Kate Gosselin making a scene over a slice of pizza on national television. Too bad her show got canceled, otherwise we would be seeing more golden reality television moments like this one from her.
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    Rachel Zoe admitting that she cried for one week when she found out she was having a boy. After she made that statement, her son Skyler cried for one week knowing that he was wearing a Prada onesie that was so last season.
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    Shiloh sticking her tongue out at the paps. If we didn't know better, we'd think Jennifer Aniston was hiding somewhere close by with that smirk on Angelina's face.
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    Suri in heels. Katie in that outfit. We can't decide who is committing the fashion crime in this pic.
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    Suri, Christina Aguilera called and said she wanted her MAC lipstick back!
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    Tori Spelling's critics lashing out at her for overexposing her children to the media. Sheesh, it's not like the kids have their OWN show....yet.
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    10-year-old Gia Guidice opens up her own Twitter account, which her mom Teresa Guidice helps promote on her own page. Let's just pray she doesn't get into a Twitter war with Danielle Staub.
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    Demi Moore over-exposing herself on Twitter. We don't think she really understands the concept of mom blogging, now does she?
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    Ben Affleck caught smoking. Ben, we hope you're not doing that in front of your pregnant wife, Jennifer Garner! You have a baby on the way!


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