Over 40 & Fabulous! 20 Celebrities Who Get Better with Age! How Do They do It?

Fabulous 40s!

These 20 fabulous and glamorous celebrity moms prove that age is merely just a number. There was once a time when after a woman turned 40 she was considered to be over-the-hill, but now women are proving that at 40, the party is just getting started! “Forty doesn’t mean what it did a generation or two ago,” Economist John Shoven of Stanford University said. “When a woman turns 40, she is not the same age as when her mother turned 40. She’s in better health. She has a lower mortality risk. She has more healthy years to look forward to. A 40-year-old today, relative to, say, a 40-year-old in 1960, is going to live approximately five or six years longer.”

Yes, this is not our mother’s 40!

Each one of these women are an inspiration and are great examples of how exercise, eating well, and just taking care of yourself will give you amazing results.

Check out these twenty stunning 40-somethings and find out their beauty secrets, and how they are so fabulous in their 40s right here!

  • Julia Roberts – Age 44 1 of 20
    44-year-old Julia Roberts still has the same glow and sparkle in her eyes as she did ten plus years ago. She really is aging gracefully. One of her beauty secrets for keeping her trademark smile so bright? Baking soda! She told InStyle, "[My grandfather] would put a big heaping mound of it on his toothbrush. He had only one cavity in his entire life."
    Source: Lime Life
  • Sandra Bullock – Age 48 2 of 20
    Can you believe that Sandra Bullock is 48? She really looks amazing for being that close to 50! She stays fit with a mix of pilates, kickboxing, weight training, running and riding her bike. As for her skin she says it's pretty simple: "I use a face cloth and Artistry cream."
    Source: My Fashion Life
  • Halle Berry – Age 46 3 of 20
    It is totally shocking to think that Halle Berry is 46! She looks like she could pass for decades younger. Halle keeps looking so great by eating well and exercising regularly. Halle reportedly works out four days a week with a trainer and also does yoga. As for her skin, she loves the products from Kinara.
    Source: Daily Glow
  • Debra Messing – Age 44 4 of 20
    44-year-old Debra Messing has been a TV star over decades from Will & Grace to Smash and she still maintains that star quality. She maintains her figure with a fitness regime that includes yoga, Pilates and circuit training.
    Source: Everything About You
  • Nicole Kidman – Age 45 5 of 20
    45-year-old icon Nicole Kidman continues to look ageless well into her forties. While some have speculated that she's had some doctor's help in keeping so youthful, she credits keeping out of the sun, "It is the worst thing in terms of aging, so I wear a lot of sunscreen, and I never go in the sun," she reveals.
    Source: Marie Claire
  • Jennifer Lopez – Age 43 6 of 20
    43-year-old J. Lo has been showing off her totally rockin' bod! It's amazing that she had twins! Not only does Jennifer keep fit by exercising often and eating well, she has another tip she swears by. "Sleep! I think sometimes we get caught up in what we need to do next and forget about what are the very essential and important things in life. I treasure my time to sleep. It's just as important as eating or exercise."
    Source: Web MD
  • Kristin Davis – Age 47 7 of 20
    The 47-year-old Sex and the City star looks just as fabulous now as she did during the original airing of the show. Her secrets? She's never smoked, hasn't touched a drink since she was 22 and she also credits her mother's amazing genes.
    Source: Daily Glow
  • Kelly Bensimon -Age 44 8 of 20
    The 44-year-old one-time Real Housewives star, has made a career of her beauty secrets with her book "I Can Make You Hot." She is a avid fitness buff and really believes in eating well to make you look good from the inside out.
    Source: Kelly Bensimon
  • Uma Thurman – Age 42 9 of 20
    Uma is a grand new mom at the age of 42. She had her third child a baby girl in August. One of her biggest beauty secrets? She once said, "I really believe in it." she told InStyle magazine recently. "I used to be a champion sleeper, but anyone who's been up in the middle of the night to feed a child knows it's hard to change your routine once the kids are grown up." And now her routine will be off yet again! But you wouldn't know by looking at her, she still looks amazing!
    Source: Via Be Flossy
  • Courteney Cox – Age 48 10 of 20
    Courteney Cox "says she uses a product by Mila Moursi, along with Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. Sleep and drinking lots of water are important, but the number one thing for great-looking skin, says Courteney, is washing your face. Don't go to bed with makeup on." All great tips!
    Source: Anderson Cooper
  • Elizabeth Hurley – Age 47 11 of 20
    Elizabeth Hurley recently turned 47-year-old but has kept her model good looks. She stays fit and trim by eating well, exercising and drinking lots and lots of water. One of her daily regimes is to drink a full glass of warm water when she wakes up in the morning.
    Source: Daily Mail
  • Sarah Jessica Parker -Age 47 12 of 20
    Mom of three, Sarah Jessica Parker, continues to have that Carrie Bradshaw youthfulness well into her forties. The 47-year-old still looks lovely. Her secret? She has a trainer and does plenty of yoga.
    Source: Good Housekeeping
  • Vanessa Williams – Age 47 13 of 20
    47-year-old Vanessa Williams had been a hottie for decades being named Miss America back in 1983! Yes, she has some staying power. Along with eating well and exercising she has confessed to using Botox. "I use it very sparingly," she says. "I want to look natural. I get it so I look serene."
    Source: Marie Claire
  • Diane Lane – Age 47 14 of 20
    Diane Lane is one of those actresses who seems to get better with age. The 47-year-old actress continues to look stunning, natural and gorgeous. And she has very simple beauty advise- "I think that some words of wisdom that are timeless and ageless are hydration, good rest, good diet, eat your greens," she says.
    Source: Entertainment Tonight Via Zimbio
  • Salma Hayek – Age 46 15 of 20
    46-year- old Salma Hayek just gets better with age. She continues to turn heads on the red carpet and always looks youthful and flawless. She credits her grandmother and her daily need for "me time," for keeping her looking so fresh. She also credits her nighttime regime."It's that moment where I close the door and no one is allowed in for 10 minutes. It's me time and I need it at the end of every day to keep sane and wash the day away," says Hayek.
    Source: Daily Makeover
  • Elle Macpherson – Age 49 16 of 20
    Can you believe Elle Macpherson is a going to turn 50 soon? I sure can't! She continues to look stunning and in model shape year after year. How does she do it? She eats organically, doesn't smoke or drink. She also scrubs her body and face frequently and relies on moisturizing lotions. Also she says water is very important, "... If you don't drink lots of water there's no point. I challenge any woman to drink 3 litres water everyday for a month and sleep for seven hours a night, that she won't lose weight, look better and feel better."
    Source: Via Huffington Post
  • Christy Turlington – Age 43 17 of 20
    43-year-old super model Christy Turlington is a big believer in the power of yoga. She also relies on taking a daily vitamins and doing the occasional juice cleanse. As for her skin, she goes for "seasonal facials."
    Source: Vogue
  • Julianna Margulies – Age 46 18 of 20
    46-year-old Julianna Margulies looks better now than ever! From ER to the Good Wife, Julianna has maintained her good looks in what looks effortless. She tries to squeeze in exercise in when she can and saying she eats, "really, really clean."
    Source: In Style
  • Gwen Stefani – Age 42 19 of 20
    Gwen loves her make-up and wears it even when she isn't going anywhere. As for her moisturizer, her kids inspired her choice! She uses Johnson & Johnson's baby lotion!
    Source: Yahoo Voices
  • Geri Halliwell – Age 40 20 of 20
    The newest member of the over 40 club is Spice Girl Geri Halliwell who made the age change in August. How does she keep in shape? "I walk and I do yoga. The most vigorous exercise I do is running around after my daughter, Bluebell."
    Source: The Sun

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