Pawn Stars Burning Question: Who Is Leonard Shafer?

Image Source: Thinkstock
Image Source: Thinkstock

Leonard Shafer’s named popped up at the end of last night’s “Pawn Stars,” a show about a father and son and grandson who run a Las Vegas pawn shop. A note flashed at the end of the episode saying that it was in memory of Shafer, but many fans of the show had no idea who he was. That prompted them to burn up the internet with inquiries about Leonard Shafer, Leonard Shaffer and “Pawn Stars,” with some even going into a panic wondering if Shafer’s death would bring about the show’s end.

Let’s lay that one to rest first: No. “Pawn Stars” is continuing. Father Richard Harrison, son Rick Harrison and grandson Corey Harrison are all just fine and Shafer was not a member of their family. So then who was Leonard Shafer?

It appears he was a coin collector who was featured on the hit show several times. He was from California, and according to coininfo.com, he was a NGC authorized dealer based in Burbank.

Information beyond that is sketchy. He wasn’t famous or a reality star; one viewer did note he was born on D-Day. There’s no indication that “Pawn Stars” plans a special tribute to Shafer beyond last night’s mention.

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