Penelope Scotland Disick: 7 Things That Are in Store for Kourtney Kardashian's Daughter

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Penelope Scotland Disick’s life won’t be like most baby’s lives. Her days, weeks, months and years will be filmed, photographed and shared with the world, but that’s what happens when you are the spawn of a spotlight loving reality television star.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s daughter Penelope Scotland is only a day old and already she has more articles and blog posts penned that most of us will have in a lifetime. And the fun, it has just started, wait until she is seen for the first time, walks, and talks.

So what is in store for Penelope Scotland Disick? Here are seven things to expect.


  • Family 1 of 7
    One thing about the Kardashians? They are a family, a really, really big boisterous family. Penelope will have a family who will always be there to butt in, have her back (hopefully) and tell her if they don't like her outfit choice. But there will be lots of love!
  • Clothing 2 of 7
    The Kardashian's side business besides being reality TV stars and spokespeople is the chain of clothing stores named Dash. So, you know Penelope is going to give Suri Cruise a run for most extravagant kid wardrobe ever. Brother Mason has a huge wardrobe, and he is a little boy, just imagine what's going to happen with a little girl!
  • Reality TV 3 of 7
    Reality TV
    Reality TV will be part of her life, like it or not. She will grow up with cameras here, there and everywhere. But at least she'll have an interesting chronicle of her life to look back at when she gets older.
  • Paparazzi 4 of 7
    The paparazzi are always following the Kardashians around (here Kim is being stalked). And when there is a baby involved, the hunt for photos goes into high gear. Hopefully Kourtney will be able to maintain some private off camera time for Penelope.
  • On Screen Drama with Mommy & Daddy 5 of 7
    On Screen Drama with Mommy & Daddy
    Would you want to see televised footage of your dad wasted, and your parents arguing? If little Penelope watches any reruns of Keeping Up with Kardashians, then that's just what she'll see. Hopefully it will be presenting in a way that she'll understand.
  • A Wedding? 6 of 7
    A Wedding?
    There has been loads of speculation that one of these days, there will be a Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick wedding. An expensive, high profile and televised event. We're thinking Mason revisiting his role as ring bearer and little Penelope as a flower girl. And Kourtney looks great in white!
  • Uncle Kanye? 7 of 7
    Uncle Kanye?
    And speaking of wedding bells? If Kim Kardashian wed Kanye West, then Kanye would be her Uncle! Since he's BFF's with Jay-Z and Beyonce, perhaps there could even be some baby Blue Ivy and Penelope Scotland playdates!

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