Rachel Weisz Talks to Us About Fairytales, Being Evil and Oz

"OZ The Great And Powerful" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
Rachel Weisz Talks Oz

When Rachel Weisz entered the room, I could very much sense that my fellow bloggers and I were a wee bit star struck. And for good reason, we were in the presence of Evanora, one of the scene stealing witches from Oz The Great and Powerful. She may not have been wearing a long beaded gown, she wasn’t accompanied by any of her flying monkeys, and she didn’t display any magical feats, but her presence was still has strong as it was on the screen. She is every inch a movie star.

The gorgeous and extremely talented actress, mother and wife of James Bond (she’s married to 007 actor Daniel Craig) spoke to us about her role in Sam Raimi’s blockbuster film, the fun side of being evil and of course, the Wizard of Oz.  Check out our interview below:

So, you were so deliciously evil….
She’s bad, isn’t she?

….what did you like slipping into more, the costumes or the character, ’cause they’re both so…
You know what?  It’s weird. They were kind of like the same the thing. When I put that costume on I became that character.  I couldn’t have played her without that corset, and sequence, and feathers, and lashes, and lips, and pushed up boobs and, you know, the whole thing. And the costume was huge, huge part of the character, and it was very fun to be so nasty.

Because you were so nasty, how did you feel about, you know, knowing this is a children’s film and yet you’ve gotta be pretty badass out there.
Well, I think fairytales traditionally have really, really evil characters.  Like all the Grimm’s fairytales have got bad people in them, so I think kids are used to evil characters.  And I, I think she’s dark, but she’s having a lot of fun being bad.  So, I didn’t think it’s it’s like Disney bad.  I don’t think it’s really, really bad.

What was your most memorable moment while filming?  What, what was your favorite part?
Well, Evanora really enjoyed torturing Glinda, when she was chained in the Emerald City, but I do, too. It was just really fun.  I mean I get along brilliantly.  Michelle (Williams) she’s a fellow mom and she’s a lovely lady, but thOZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFULat was just a really fun scene being that bad.  And then just pure fun without being evil was flying.  Flying is really fun, a little scary and quite exciting, like having a, having a really good rollercoaster ride.

What do you think is the age appropriateness for the movie.  
Oh, God.  I don’t know. I mean, every kid is different, and I think every mom knows their kid.  And I don’t know. Some kids are really, really sensitive. I don’t think there’s anything too scary for little kids.  I’d probably go a bit younger than eight, but then I think it’s up to a mom to decide.

Did you feel nervous at all accepting this role due to the Oz legacy?  Were you a little bit nervous jumping in there?
I’m nervous at any role that I do, because,  there’s the fear that you might, you know, suck.  So, I wouldn’t really do a role unless I wasn’t nervous about it, because that’s what’s exciting is trying something new, and I’ve never done anything like this.  I’ve never played a fantasy character.  You know, of late I’ve been doing very kind of gritty, earth-bounds, you know, gals with no makeup, and very different kinds of things.

50_OZ.-EvanoraDEBUTWhat was your reaction to the film the very first time you read the script?
I loved it.  I loved it.  I didn’t know about that Frank L. Baum had wrote ten books, and the Wizard of Oz film is just one-tenth of the whole cycle of stories, and I loved it.  You know,we all the Wizard of Oz so well, and this is the story of how the Wizard came to be the Wizard.  So I loved it, and I loved the character of Evanora, and I loved how, how mercilessly horrible she is.

What’s your personal relationship with Oz?  I mean did you watch it as a kid?  Did your kid watch it? 
I remember going to the cinema to see it when I was about five, and I vividly remember the seat in front of me and trying to see over and hiding. I mean witches really terrified me.  They seared into my mind as properly terrifying, but I don’t know.  Fairytales, like Grimm’s fairytales are really, really dark.

I mean I think it’s to teach children about good and evil and morality, and I think there’s a reason why there’s been for hundreds of years the tradition of children being told scary things.  I don’t think it’s damaging, fairytales.  I think they’re kind of important, archetypal stories, but, yes, I remember vividly seeing it.  And it’s one of those movies you never, you never forget.

And you will never forget Rachel Weisz as the deliciously evil Evanora! Oz the Great and Powerful open everywhere on March 8th.


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