"RHONJ"'s Jacqueline Laurita: My Son Hasn't Had All His Vaccinations!

Jacqueline believes in spacing things out.

If you want to enliven a dull mom-group conversation, just ask them whether they believe in vaccinating children. You’re guaranteed to spark a heated discussion with opinions ranging from “Vaccines are lifesavers” to “Vaccines cause autism” and everything in between.

It can be tough to stick your neck out publicly on such a hot-button issue, but Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Jacqueline Laurita did just that on Thursday night when she admitted on Twitter that her youngest son, 2-year-old Nick, hasn’t had all his recommended vaccinations.

The discussion began when Jacqueline joked, “WHY is my Nicholas so HYPER right now? He is literally flipping over me back and forth. Wish I owned NyQuil.”

When a couple of fans took her to task about “drugging” her child, the Housewife quickly responded, “I don’t use medicine on myself or my kids. My husband uses Advil. CJ [son Christopher] took a Claritin during allergy season,’ otherwise we don’t use meds.”

Jacqueline went on to say that water and rest is her family’s usual remedy for illness, and she’s only taken antibiotics once for strep throat. Her reasoning is that the body can heal itself most of the time without drugs, and the immune system gets stronger as a result. Then she addressed The Big Issue: “Did u Vaccinate your children?”

“The 1st 2 Yes,” she replied. “Nick has had some but is not up 2 date yet. I go back&forth w/it.”

Her decision not to have Nicholas receive the full course of vaccinations children typically receive in infancy and toddlerhood comes mostly from her own instincts, “but I’ve read both sides” of the pro- and anti-vaccine issue.

She went on to explain, “Nick will be completely vaccinated but we are spacing it out more. Don’t worry.”

Though Jacqueline didn’t go into detail, it’s likely she’s among the moms who worry about the combination shots – vaccines that protect against a number of diseases at once – recommended for a baby’s first year. They’re concerned about the potential effects of both the vaccines themselves and the preservatives used to mix them. An “alternative schedule” postpones some of the shots – the ones that target diseases babies don’t ordinarily catch – until the child’s second or third year.

Jacqueline also admitted that “I use Botox & color my hair” – so she exposes herself to chemicals in ways other than cold remedies and antibiotics.  Then she cut the discussion short: “Do whatever works 4u. I’m not judging.”

What about you? Did you follow the standard vaccination schedule for your children? If so, would you do it again, or would you consider the alternate schedule?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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