Rugrats Pictures – Which Rugrats Character Was Your Fave?

The Rugrats have broken out of the playpen and started to show up on the pages of Facebook as kids of the 90s pick their fav toddler to represent them on the social network! 

Are you a Tommy Pickles?  Maybe you’re more Angelica?  Is Chuckie Finster your main man?  We’ve got those Rugrats pictures to post as your cartoon fav!

Which Rugrat picture will you choose?

Tommy Pickles.  If you are the mastermind always looking for an adventure, you’ve gotta go with good old Tommy Pickles!  Dressed in a t-shirt and diaper, Tommy was on the lookout for the next big adventure out of the playpen for his friends.

Angelica Pickles.  Ever the big(ger) kid, Angelica’s goal in life was to keep the rugrats under lock and key.  The main protagonist of the series, Angelica set to work to use the baby’s for her own missions and keep the ‘dumb babies’ under her mighty pre-school thumb. 

Chuckie Finster.  The scaredy-cat of the group and Tommy Pickles best friend, Chuckie is often the voice of grown up reason (at the age of two).  Always adorned with messy orange hair and oversized purple glasses, he is the child of a single dad for much of the show’s run following the death of his mom shortly after his birth.  While he always gets dragged into the adventure, he typically voices his concern about what will happen in overly dramatic fashion.  

So which Rugrats picture will you choose?

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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