Sarah Jessica Parker Shares a Laugh With Her Twins on the Way to School (Photos)

Sarah Jessica Parker walks hand in hand with her twins Marion and Tabitha as they walk to school in New York CityFun times!

Sarah Jessica Parker and her daughters, Tabitha and Marion, were positively lighthearted as they strolled to school this morning.

The girls were dressed in their usual attire of skirts and sweaters over leggings, their hair neatly tied back.

But, as with any siblings, the girls have their individual preferences. Tabitha must be less tolerant of the cold than her sister; she wore warm pink mittens and lined boots, while Marion chose flats without socks and kept her hands bare.

Sarah Jessica, meanwhile, wore a nubbly gray cardigan over a sweater, shirt and her favorite casual pants – Level 99 distressed jeans. Her shoes were…interesting, to be sure: a mashup of heels, sandals and loafers.

At one point, she burst out in a joyous belly laugh. Bet it was something one of the girls said – kids are so funny at this age!

Take a look and see if you don’t feel like smiling too.

  • Group walk 1 of 5
    Sarah Jessica takes her daughters to school with the help of a nanny. (Just FYI, the Two Boots pizza restaurant they're passing is delish.)
  • Happy bunch 2 of 5
    Mom and daughters are anticipating a good day ahead.
  • Not quite identical 3 of 5
    The twins aren't exactly matched today; Tabitha is wearing lined boots and has her hair in ponytails; Marion opts for flats and a heart headband to hold back her blond hair.
  • Fashionably torn 4 of 5
    The only thing distressed about Sarah Jessica today is her jeans.
  • Ha! 5 of 5
    Did Tabitha say something hilarious? Something is tickling her mom's funny bone.

[Photos: via PacificCoastNews]

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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