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  • Hillary Rodham Clinton 1 of 16
    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Current Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, underwent nationwide embarrassment in 1998 when news broke that her husband, then President Bill Clinton, had an affair with his 22-year-old intern, Monica Lewinsky. Clinton denied the affair at first with the infamous line, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” He later changed his tune, giving the Oval Office a whole new meaning.
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  • Kate Gosselin 2 of 16
    Kate Gosselin
    In 2007, families everywhere welcomed Jon and Kate Gosselin into their living rooms so they could experience what life might be like raising eight kids. Just two years later, they publicly announced their divorce after Jon was caught cheating. TLC decided the show must go on, and Kate is now the star of Kate Plus 8 — so now we know what it’s like to travel the world as a single parent of eight.
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  • Sandra Bullock 3 of 16
    Sandra Bullock
    Women were outraged when, days after she won an Oscar for Best Actress in 2010, Sandra Bullock’s then husband, Jesse James, admitted to allegations that he cheated on her. To add insult to injury, it was later revealed Sandra and Jesse had just adopted a little boy from New Orleans. And Jesse’s still digging the knife in — he recently talked about his new fiancee, Kat Von D, to Piers Morgan: “There’s probably people now that I’m closer to than I ever was to her [Bullock].”
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  • Halle Berry 4 of 16
    Halle Berry
    When one of the world’s most beautiful women gets cheated on, it can be pretty disheartening, which is why it was so sad to see Halle Berry betrayed in 2002 by then-husband, Eric Benet. Berry stayed committed to her family — she legally adopted Benet's daughter, India, during the marriage — while Benet sought treatment for “sex addiction.” In 2003, however, the two divorced.
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  • Camille Grammer 5 of 16
    Camille Grammer
    Camille Grammer became one of the most hated celeb wives after appearing in Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Post-production that hate turned to pity when America discovered that her husband, Kelsey Grammer, had moved on with another woman. On the RHOBH reunion show, Camille sadly explained that Kelsey’s doorman unintentionally let the cat out of the bag by saying to her, “You’re not Mrs. Grammer.”
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  • Christie Brinkley 6 of 16
    Christie Brinkley
    Christie Brinkley’s good looks didn’t keep husband Peter Cook from sleeping with his 19-year-old assistant in 2008. Even worse, she had to pay him $2.1 million dollars after an ugly courtroom battle. It’s no wonder Brinkley agreed to star in Chicago as Roxie Hart, a woman convicted of killing her cheating husband.
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  • Denise Richards 7 of 16
    Denise Richards
    Naysayers worried when Denise Richards fell for bad-boy Charlie Sheen, but she seemed convinced he was a changed man when she married him in 2002. Although they seemed to enjoy a couple of calm years, the actress filed for divorce in 2005. Her reps confirmed that Richards rushed to a clinic to get tested for HIV (among other diseases) when she found out Sheen had cheated on her. These days, it’s Sheen who’s embarrassed …
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  • Tea Leoni 8 of 16
    Tea Leoni
    Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? No doubt Tea Leoni asked this question when her husband — and star of Californication (in which he plays a sex-crazed writer) — David Duchovny, entered rehab for sex addiction in 2008. Apparently, after discovering his many infidelities, Leoni gave Duchovny an ultimatum: rehab or divorce. Though the two are separated, they’re still photographed together.
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  • Elin Nordegren 9 of 16
    Elin Nordegren
    On Thanksgiving of last year, news broke that Tiger Woods was in a car accident outside his home and wife Elin Nordegren broke the windows with a golf club to help him out. Then came the truth: Tiger had been cheating on her, and his mistresses had the text messages to prove it. We now know that Elin breaking into Tiger’s car with a golf club had little to do with saving her now
    ex-husband’s life.
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  • Shania Twain 10 of 16
    Shania Twain
    Being cheated on while in the public eye has to be an excruciating experience, but it becomes so much worse when you realize your husband cheated on you with your best friend. That’s exactly what happened to country superstar Shania Twain in 2008. Although it took her a long time to recover, Shania found comfort in the arms of another man — the other woman’s husband — in 2009. It’s a weird turn of events, but it seems to have had a happy ending for Shania.
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  • Elizabeth Edwards 11 of 16
    Elizabeth Edwards
    In 2008, John Edwards admitted to having an affair with Rielle Hunter, a campaign employee. He also 'fessed up to being the father of her unborn baby, a fact that he had previously denied. And during all of the allegations and confessions, Elizabeth was fighting for her life. In 2010, she succumbed to breast cancer, surrounded by family and friends, including John Edwards.
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  • Princess Diana 12 of 16
    Princess Diana
    Four years after their separation in 1992, Prince Charles admitted he had cheated on Princess Diana. The press leaked a very sexual phone conversation Charles had with Camilla during his marriage, which disgraced the entire royal family.
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  • Reese Witherspoon 13 of 16
    Reese Witherspoon
    In 2006, rumors swirled that Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish were an item — even though he was married and had two kids with Reese Witherspoon. Although he denied it at the time, two years later he and Abbie came out as a couple. Ryan told W Magazine: "I don't think an outside person can ever cause a divorce. I had difficulties in my relationship, and in my marriage, long before
    I ever met her."
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  • Uma Thurman 14 of 16
    Uma Thurman
    At one time, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke were a Hollywood power couple, each with a successful acting career of their own. But in 2004, the couple announced they were filing for divorce, though neither gave an explanation for the relationship’s demise. A year later, Uma went on Oprah and admitted there had been a “betrayal” in their marriage.
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  • Silda Spitzer 15 of 16
    Silda Spitzer
    In 2008, The New York Times broke the news that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was a client in a prostitution ring. They further exposed Spitzer to having paid up to $80,000 for sex over several years. A couple of days later, his wife, Silda, stood by his side as he publicly stepped down from office. The two are still together and reportedly undergoing marriage counseling.
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  • Maria Shriver 16 of 16
    Maria Shriver
    It was just days ago when news broke that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s marriage dissolved because of an affair he had with a household staff member. Even more shocking was the news that this affair resulted in a son, who is now 10 years old! In the past, when Arnold came under fire for being inappropriate with other women, Maria came to his defense publicly. Now you're on you're own, Arnold.
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