Shocking! 5 Things That Didn't Happen on the Real Housewives of NJ Reunion Show

What did you think was going to happen on The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show? If you watch this Bravo hit regularly, then you probably had some predetermined gist of what you thought was going to go down. But, as the Housewives themselves said, if you thought you know what was going to happen, you’d be wrong. (Spoiler ahead!) So what 5 things DID NOT happen during the reunion?

Instead of the show turning into a bloodbath, it ended with hugs, kisses and whispered “I love you”s. And not between just the Manzo, Guidice and Lauritas clans but with hugs distributed to Jacqueline AND Teresa from non-other than the ‘prostitution whore’ herself Danielle Staub. Caroline, she just got the handshake. Who saw that coming?!?! I sure didn’t. Here are five things that coulda, shoulda happened but didn’t.

Teresa got off the couch.
It was as if there someone put superglue on her dress. She did not try again to lunge after Danielle. She did it once and it was expected that she’d do it again. And without having a table to flip, she kept her calm.

Danielle quit the show
With the rumors that Danielle was not being invited back for the next season of the show, many assumed that Danielle would get in some crazy blow-out and either be fired or quit the show during the airing. But now, it looks like it may have been a clever ploy from the BravoTV publicity team using some kind of anonymous leak. You have to entice those millions of viewers somehow!

Jacqueline quit the show
As a teaser to one of the commercial breaks Jacqueline said that she was “done,” leading viewers to think the big surprise was that she was going to quit. But Jacqueline, she ain’t going nowhere.

The armed off duty police jumped in
During the first part of the reunion show, they mentioned that there were armed off duty police on the set, seemingly to be used if things really got out of hand. Instead, they probably just stood on the sidelines laughing at the crazies and maybe hitting the crafts services table more than they should of.

Someone was physically harmed
With what went down in episode one of the reunion show, it would not come of  no surprise if faces were slapped, punches were thrown or knives were pulled. But the gals, they kept it together and didn’t physically harm each other. Emotionally, yes. Physically no.

Were you disappointed there wasn’t more shocking drama and more hugs and kisses then hisses and kicks?

And if you want to relive the hugs and kisses, here’s the video!

Photo: BravoTV

Article Posted 6 years Ago
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