Should Katie Holmes Get a Shelter Dog for Suri?

Suri has her heart set on a dog.

Ever since the Divorce Heard Round the World, Katie Holmes has been going into Mommy Overdrive. Every day brings new pictures and new coverage of her taking to the streets of Manhattan with Suri, treating her to museum visits, ice cream cones and other kid-appropriate summer pleasures.

Now it looks as though Katie is poised to give her daughter the ultimate in “pleeeease, Mommy” treats: a puppy. They visited a pet shop on Saturday, where Suri cuddled a couple of pups and, natch, fell instantly in love. But Katie didn’t buy one right away, which sent young Ms. Cruise into a crying fit.

Seeing that a dog is likely in the family’s future, a major pet-shelter organization is putting its two cents in. The North Shore Animal League America tells RadarOnline that they hope Katie changes her mind about buying a puppy from a shop.

“Unfortunately, most pet stores are provided their dogs from commercial breeding organizations otherwise known as puppy mills,” says spokesperson Devera Lynn. She adds that these dogs live in inhumane conditions with little or no medical care, and the mother dogs are disposed of when they’re no longer able to breed.

North Shore is urging the actress to adopt from a shelter, where purebred dogs are often available. “We would love to show Katie the animals we have if she is ready to adopt.”

So what should Katie do? Here’s this blogger’s opinion…Not that she asked for it, but I’m going to put in my own two cents and urge her to wait at least a few months before bringing a dog into the picture.

This has been such a confusing and sad time for Suri. By this time, she’s starting to get the picture that Mom and Dad aren’t going to live together anymore, and she’s got tons of questions, tears and adjusting to do.

Naturally, Katie wants to make her little girl as happy as possible during this transition, but indulging her every whim isn’t the way to do it. At the end of the day, museums close, ice cream melts and she’s still left with her deep sense of loss and insecurity.  A dog isn’t going to solve any problems either. A puppy requires lots of time, attention and training – it’s not a stuffed animal that Suri can just drag along on her umpteenth visit to Chelsea Piers.

Besides, once Suri starts school in September, she won’t have that much time to spend with her new companion. So guess who gets to do all the feeding, walking and poop-scooping? In the best-case scenario, it’ll be Katie; at worst, the pooch will be passed off to a nanny or assistant most of the day and brought out for weekend photo shoots so everyone can see how happy Suri is with her new pet.

No, best to put the puppy notion aside for the time being until both mother and daughter have had a real chance to settle into their new life and new hometown. If by winter, Katie decides that she’s ready for the responsibility of dog ownership – well, Santa Claus might be willing to comply.

Oh, and as for where to procure the pup…adopting a shelter dog would be a great gift not only for Suri, but for an animal who desperately needs a home.

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