Should "Teen Mom" Jenelle Stay With Her BF After What He Said About Her Son?

Jenelle and Gary are back together.

Well, that didn’t last long.

In the ever-dramatic world of Teen Mom, fights, breakups and makeups between family members, friends and boyfriends are as common as dandelions on a spring lawn. And Jenelle Evans certainly proved that over the last 48 hours.

She and her Marine boyfriend, Gary Head, had been going along blissfully until the day of their four-month anniversary, when they had a huge fight over Jenelle’s discovery that Gary had once hooked up with an ex-friend of hers. Even though he swore it happened long before they started dating, the news set off a heated and bitter fight.

Her heartbroken tweets were filled with vows of “were done” and laments over a relationship she thought was going to go the distance.

Gary’s remorseful tweets included statements like “I love her but I can’t force anything” and “Your my everything and I won’t stop till I get you back!”

It didn’t take long for him to do just that. Yesterday, their tweets confirmed that the couple had ironed things out, and they spent the night engaging in “extreme cuddling.”

But should Jenelle have taken him back after what he said regarding her relationship with her son, Jace?

In the midst of their fight, Gary threatened to “MAKE SURE” Jenelle never gets custody of her toddler son. Jace lives with her mother, Barbara, while Jenelle works through her probation.

Yeah, okay, he was mad, and people can say some terrible things when the heat is on. But this was a reeeeaaallly low blow. You just don’t do that to a mother, no matter how angry you are at her. That’s the kind of threat that hangs in the air long after the fight is forgotten. And it’s the kind of threat that makes you wonder whether your guy is showing his true colors. Will he pull the “I’m gonna go to your caseworker” stunt again next time they argue? Worse – would he do it?

Seems to me Jenelle is being a little too quick to forgive and reconcile. She sent him a text saying “[If] u don’t want to lose me u obey by my rules this time,” but that seems like a slap on the wrist after what her Semper Fi Sweetheart said.  Maybe she should think about how she would explain this to Jace. “Gary and I had a fight, and he got mad and said that he was going to keep you from living with me ever again. But we made up, which means it’s okay for him to say those things about you as long as he says he’s sorry and snuggles with me a few hours later.”

Gary mentioned in his tweets that he had planned to propose to Jenelle next month on his birthday. She might want to do some serious thinking before she answers.

What’s your take? Was Gary’s threat forgivable? Are you glad to see them together again?

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