Sister Wives Kody Brown's Job: Brown's Job as Advertising Executive Pay the Family Bills?

sister wives kody brown job advertising executive sales
What is Sister Wives' Kody Brown's job?

Sister Wives‘ Kody Brown’s job has to be decent to support such a large family… but what does Kody Brown do for a living?

Kody Brown’s job is reportedly in sales, as an advertising executive, though little has been revealed beyond that. We do know that Kody’s employer was aware of his polygamist ways, so it wasn’t a surprise when Sister Wives aired.

Also? Kody Brown is seen on Sister Wives driving a nice Lexus, while the wives have a variety of clunkers.

What’s up with that?

Does Sister Wives‘ star Kody Brown’s job pay enough for him to provide for four wives and 16 children?

Kody Brown works at his sales job but also reportedly heads a business called Kody Brown Family Entertainment, though it’s unclear what exactly this business does.

As for the sister wives’ jobs, it appears that only Janelle has a job, owning a company called E Z Pantry. Wife Meri lost her job in the mental health industry after Sister Wives aired on TLC. Apparently, her employer knew the family are polygamists, but didn’t want the bad press of the reality show associated with their organization.


Article Posted 8 years Ago

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