Six Things About "Bachelor Pad's" Gwen, Including Her Age

Gwen gioiaSo if you were Gwen Gioia, the runner-up on season two of “The Bachelor” all those years ago, would you be publicizing your age when you’re playing a game with a bunch of twentysomething hotties on “Bachelor Pad”?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Gwen refused to give out her age when this new show started, and on last night’s premiere it became pretty clear why.

“I don’t know when they started doing ‘The Bachelor,’ but she’s definitely someone I look at as a mom,” said Jesse B. during last night’s show.

Uh, Jesse? They started filming it in 2002, not 1972. And you yourself are old enough to be a dad (but I think we can all agree you need a little more seasoning first).

I hope Gwen wears Jesse’s attempted cutdown like a badge of honor. So here are six things about my new favorite “Bachelor Pad” contestant, including which “Saved by the Bell” actor she once appeared in a film with.

1. Gwen had already been divorced once when she appeared on “Bachelor.” Her ex-husband called in to “The Howard Stern Show” to “out” her classy. But producers knew her history.

2. She earned the nickname America’s Sweetheart and was the fan favorite to win season two of “The Bachelor.” But Aaron ultimately chose Helene.

3. Since then, Gwen has kept busy working as a model and occasional actress.

4. She appeared in the film “13th Grade” with everyone’s favorite “Saved by the Bell” actor, Dustin “Screech” Diamond.

5. She and Helene (also dumped by Aaron) teamed up to write a book with the world’s most awesome revenge title: “Nobody’s Perfect: What to Do When You’ve Fallen For a Jerk But You Want to Make It Work.

6. According to internet scuttlebutt, Gwen is 39. No shame in that, sweetie.


Article Posted 8 years Ago

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