Sofia Vergara Covers Up After Embarrassing See-Through Shots (Photos)

Her pride may be bruised, but Sofia still manages a bright smile.

There are two things you can do when you’re a mom who makes the fashion faux pas of wearing not-quite opaque tights with a too-short top, resulting in a paparazzi field day and millions of curious fans seeing more of your beauty booty than you might have preferred.

Option 1: Hide in your bedroom until, say, New Year’s Day. Turn off the phone, don’t look at your TV or iPad for the duration. Bravely endure the scorn of your son, who has undoubtedly been subjected to teasing for the last 24 hours and is begging his friends to stop tweeting the pictures far and wide.

Option 2: Be Sofia Vergara. Know that you are sizzletastic no matter what. Realize that an occasional wardrobe malfunction is a part of life – and that being photographed is part of a celebrity’s life. Refuse to let this embarrassing episode get you down. Since the earth did not, in fact, open up and swallow you, you’ll just have to deal with it.

Face the world again as soon as possible, this time choosing your wardrobe more carefully. Try, say, a pair of black capri-cut workout pants, a sweater long enough to cover the offending area and a bulky jacket to top it off. Go about your day, and when the photogs find you, flash them your best “I’m still here, and you know I’m amazing” smile.

Then make darn sure you get a second opinion on your gown before you hit the Golden Globes next year.

What do you think? Does Sofia’s ensemble today make up for her past sins?

  • Nothing to see here, folks 1 of 5
    Nothing to see here, folks
    After a shopping trip in Beverly Hills, Sofia tries to look casual as she heads back to her car. Perhaps that Hale Bob bag holds a pair of pants.
  • Hope she fed the meter 2 of 5
    Hope she fed the meter
    Big bags are great for hiding behind, aren't they?
  • Chilly day? 3 of 5
    Chilly day?
    It doesn't look as though Sofia needs that puffy coat, but all the better to avoid any embarrassing peekaboos.
  • Look down here! 4 of 5
    Look down here!
    Is she plugging her fun red-laced sneakers? Or just trying to divert our attention?
  • I got your back(side) 5 of 5
    I got your back(side)
    A helpful woman in purple - Sofia's assistant, we presume - strategically positions herself between the "Modern" mom and the cameras.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]


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