Take Our Advice - Please! What We'd Love to Say to Jenelle Evans, Rielle Hunter and Other Moms (Photos)

Jenelle Evans - listen to us.

Just when you think things might just be settling down for Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans, a fresh drama comes in faster than a summer thunderstorm.

Her tumultuous relationship with fiance Gary Head took another horribly wrong turn on Sunday when both of them were arrested and jailed overnight. Gary reportedly assaulted her, and marijuana was found on the scene as well.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time things have gone wrong with Jenelle and her Marine. They’ve had at least two breakups involving all kinds of nastiness, and yet she keeps running back to him. It’s not healthy for her – and it’s certainly the wrong kind of environment for her son, Jace. A history of poor judgments and toxic relationships could stand in the way of her regaining custody of the boy from her mother.

If only we could sit down with her right now, we’d talk to her as one concerned mom (well, a whole group of them) to another: Jenelle, girl, wake up! Get a restraining order, change your locks, usernames and phone number and get this man out of your life for good. No more of this on-and-off, love-ya-hate-ya BS. The two of you are oil and water – heck, more like nitro and glycerinand you should not be together. EVER. No running back to your other toxic ex, Kieffer, either.

Take a break. Enough with the relationships that go from 0 to 60 in just a couple of dates. Learn to be just Jenelle for a while. Go back to school and keep your eyes on the prize. Because, darlin’, there isn’t a drink, a pill or a guy that’s worth more than your son…or you. You and Jace deserve a happy life. Go get it!

There! That felt better.

Come to think of it, there are a few other famous moms out there with whom we’d love to have a heart-to-heart. They’ve made mistakes – some bigger than others – but they’re mothers, too, and maybe they could use a few words of advice rather than a whole comment box full of snide remarks and hate.

So here’s our advice to them. What about you? Which celeb would you advise if you could?

  • Rielle Hunter: Take the opportunity to find a healthy relationship 1 of 6
    Rielle Hunter: Take the opportunity to find a healthy relationship
    You and John Edwards are a couple no more - and to that, we say thank goodness. You'll always be bonded by your daughter, Frances Quinn, but now you can focus on leading a happy, lower-profile life. Of course, you'll want to find love again, but for your sake and Quinn's, make it an unmarried man. It's just not worth the heartache to be the third person in a relationship.
    Here's the official announcement of the breakup.
  • Jenny McCarthy: Find other ways to empower yourself 2 of 6
    Jenny McCarthy: Find other ways to empower yourself
    There's no denying you look terrific. And it's great that you feel comfortable with your body and want other women to feel similarly empowered. But is posing for Playboy the way to go about it? Think about your son, Evan. He's made amazing strides, thanks to your advocacy and determination to give him all the help he needs to thrive as a child with autism. Why risk setting him up for embarrassment or isolation? Next time, go with O magazine.
    Here's what Jenny says about posing nude.
  • Nadya (Octomom) Suleman: Get onto a career track 3 of 6
    Nadya (Octomom) Suleman: Get onto a career track
    Believe us, we sympathize with your situation. It may not have been wise to have so many children as a single mom, but now that they're here, you want to be the best parent you can. And you have to support them somehow. Still, taking stripper gigs and boxing for publicity isn't the way to go. Our advice: Get some more counseling. Talk to your social workers about your options. Reach out everywhere you can for job leads, career training and child-care help.
    And please lose this, um, tanned new boyfriend while you're at it..
  • Emily Maynard: Say no to the ring 4 of 6
    Emily Maynard: Say no to the ring
    It's fine for other "Bachelorettes" to try their luck at finding true love by canoodling with carefully cast cute guys in romantic locales. But you're a mom. It's not just about you - it's about little Ricki, too. Already, two of your suitors have shown their true colors - one by dissing your daughter as "baggage," the other by hiding a past relationship with a show producer. Who's to say that the other finalists are any more honorable? Besides, the track record for dating-show couples has been pretty dismal. What will Ricki say if her mom's fairytale proposal ends up in heartbreak on a reunion show? Better to treat this as a fun diversion, and then go back to meeting guys through work, friends, church and class reunions.
    Here's why one of her suitors got the boot.
  • Michelle Duggar: Let your parenting speak for itself 5 of 6
    Michelle Duggar: Let your parenting speak for itself
    You make it look easy to be a mom of 19. And while many disapprove of your family size, you're doing your best to raise them right. But we're a little concerned about the message you send when you tell your kids to thank you for their lives, because mothers "go through the valley of the shadow of death" to give birth. Love is a much more powerful parenting tool than guilt - and motherhood isn't a "you owe me" job. If all of your children grow to be moral, independent, loving citizens, that should be thanks enough.
    See her Mother's Day message.
  • Snooki: Switch to flip-flops 6 of 6
    Snooki: Switch to flip-flops
    You are all about style and individuality, and for that we applaud you. But we just about had a heart attack when you took a near-tumble in your signature stacked heels. Please, for everyone's sake, find some fabulous leopard flats to wear until your sweet baby boy arrives. After that, you can go back to the 6-inchers. Promise.
    Follow her on Twitter to see shots of her fab accessories.

[Photos: via PacificCoast, Twitter]

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