Teen Mom Maci Bookout's Son Bentley Turns 4! A Look Back at Adorable (Photos)

This weekend, on October 27th, Teen Mom Maci Bookout‘s son Bentley will reach a big milestone. He is turning 4! Yes, it seems like just yesterday when the 16 & Pregnant and later Teen Mom star gave birth to her baby boy (with ex-Ryan Edwards).

Maci seems pretty anxious about the big day, doing a countdown to Bentley’s big day with such tweets like, “in two days ill will have a four yr old son…meltdown countdown starting now!” and “i cannot believe my son turns four years old in five days……. here has the time gone? im so proud of him.”

But she has no reason to be anxious, Bentley is doing great, he seems to be in wonderful hands and he just happens to be adorable! Check out this look back at this cute mommy daddy duo just in time for Bentley’s birthday right here!

  • The Day Bentley Was Born 1 of 24
    The Day Bentley Was Born
    Maci Bookout surrounded by friends after the birth of Bentley. Look at the smile, she's so happy!
    Photo Source: Twitter Via Babble
  • My Constant 2 of 24
    My Constant
    Love this picture, it is so sweet and serene. Maci wrote, ".. and ten minutes later he's out! #myconstant"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Reckless 3 of 24
    Bentley and Maci are "Reckless" and adorable.
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Camping 4 of 24
    Maci and Bentley in the great outdoors, she tweeted, "camping with my buddy."
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Tattooed! 5 of 24
    Bentley and Kyle try to give their toughest look with their little temporary tattoos.
    Photo Source: Twitter Via Babble
  • Race Face 6 of 24
    Race Face
    Bentley is all business with his "race face" on.
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Bentley in Action! 7 of 24
    Bentley in Action!
    Bentley races by Kyle while on his bike. A great action shot!
    Photo Source: Twitter Via Babble
  • Rider! 8 of 24
    A thirsty rider! Bentley certainly is getting into the sport!
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • At the Track 9 of 24
    At the Track
    Bentley's day at the track; doggies, toys and bikes. Maci wrote, "had a great weeked at the track." Yup, looked pretty good!
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Going for a Ride 10 of 24
    Going for a Ride
    Bentley strapped in to go for a surprise trip. Maci wrote, "my baby #roadtrip #vurbclassic #bigboycarseat"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Proud Mama! 11 of 24
    Proud Mama!
    Maci tweeted, "SO proud of Bentley for getting a gold star today at school! #perfect "
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Bentley with Mom & Kyle 12 of 24
    Bentley with Mom & Kyle
    Kyle King has been a father figure to him, the two are very close which is great to see.
    Photo Source: Twitter Via Examiner
  • All Smiles 13 of 24
    All Smiles
    Maci tweeted, "seeepy head woke up from his nap!" And he woke up so happy! Adorable.
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Kisses 14 of 24
    Big kisses for little Bentley, she is so affectionate with her cutie.
    Photo Source: Twitter Via Babble
  • Bentley’s 2nd Birthday 15 of 24
    Bentley's 2nd Birthday
    Bentley's 2nd birthday was messy, very very messy.
    Photo Source: Twitter Via Babble
  • Sleeping 16 of 24
    Such a sweet peaceful image of Bentley sleeping.
    Photo Source: Twitter Via Babble
  • Little Cowboy 17 of 24
    Little Cowboy
    Bentley wants to go to Texas! He looks pretty natural in a cowboy hat doesn't he?
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Skaters! 18 of 24
    Bentley and Maci go skating! Looks like fun.
    Photo Source: Twitter via Babble
  • He’s Cool 19 of 24
    He's Cool
    Bentley is one cool kid, and this photo totally proves that.
    Photo Source: Twitter Via Babble
  • Yummy 20 of 24
    Maci and Bentley showed off their dessert. She tweeted, "whip cream noses!"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Purpose 21 of 24
    Love this one. Maci wrote,"teaching.showing.guiding. #battle #purpose #life"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Silly 22 of 24
    One thing that Maci and Bentley share? A love of being silly!
    Photo Source: Twitter Via Babble
  • Dreamy 23 of 24
    Maci tweeted this very sweet photo of Bentley saying, "I will never turn my back on you."
    Photo Source: Twitter Via Babble
  • New Jeans! 24 of 24
    New Jeans!
    Maci tweeted right before his birthday, "couldnt be more spoiled. TRUUU #truereligion #happyearlybday"
    Photo Source: Twitter

Photos: via Twitter


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