The 12 "Mom" Fashion Types as Illustrated by Celebrities (Photos)

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Look around the playground, school pick-up line or around your next PTA meeting, you will see a wide variety of mom fashion styles. Some moms enjoy getting all dressed up with a chic dress and heels, others dress way down in jeans and a t-shirt, and a few even show up in public in their pajamas mom outfits really do run the gamut.

We’ve put together a list of twelve different mom fashion types and used celebrities to illustrate each kind.

Which one are you?

  • The Soccer Mom 1 of 12
    The Soccer Mom
    Celebrity Example: Jennifer Garner

    Jennifer Garner has a casual style that we've all seen before…on the soccer field! Wearing a knit top, a pair of simple slacks and flats, this is a look that is comfortable and can go from school run, grocery shipping to Saturday's big game. That's probably why this look is so popular.

    Essential Items: Jeans, sensible flats, and big tote.

  • The Way Too Cool for School Mom 2 of 12
    The Way Too Cool for School Mom
    Celebrity Example: Gwen Stefani

    This fashion forward mom will wear all sorts of edgy items, from leather pants to cool T-shirts. She's a risk taker that will wear things that no other mom in the playground will be seen sporting.

    Essential Items: Pieces from designers no one has ever heard of, leather pants, things with studs on them.

  • The Fashion Mom 3 of 12
    The Fashion Mom
    Celebrity Example: Victoria Beckham

    This mom is all Vogue all the time. She is never dressed down, no matter if it is a PTA meeting, a playdate or at the school's football game. The fashion mom is always in heels and her hair is always perfect. Other moms stare at her in envy wondering how she has the time to look so fabulous all the time.

    Essential Items: Dresses that cost as much as a mortgage payment, Christian Louboutin heels and a "significant" handbag (like Hermes or Vuitton).

  • The Cool Yet Comfy Mom 4 of 12
    The Cool Yet Comfy Mom
    Celebrity Example: Julianne Moore

    This mom has the gift to always look fashionable but yet really comfortable. She wears cottons, flats and always walks with an air of calm and confidence. She also always has some unique piece of jewelry or other accessory that adds a bit more zing to her outfit.

    Essential Items: Jewelry picked up on an overseas trip, organic fabrics, Toms.

  • The Looks Good in Anything Mom 5 of 12
    The Looks Good in Anything Mom
    Celebrity Example: Heidi Klum

    This mom has the enviable gift where she looks good in absolutely anything and everything they wear. If any other mom would try to pull of the style, they would be a great big fashion fail, but this mom could make a burlap sack look amazing.

    Essential Items: Anything and everything.

  • The Fitness Mom 6 of 12
    The Fitness Mom
    Celebrity Example: Sandra Bullock

    The Fitness Mom goes from the gym to school pick up with not much time to spare. They are often in their athletic gear with their hair pulled back in a baseball cap, looking fit and not worrying about fashion.

    Essential Items: Patagonia, Lululemon, and a great pair of cross-trainers.

  • The All Business Mom 7 of 12
    The All Business Mom
    Celebrity Example: Kris Jenner

    This mom is all business. She works nine-to-five and then some and is more at home in the boardroom than the romper room. Suits and sensible slacks are their fashion go-tos.

    Essential Items: Ann Taylor, fitted suits, black pumps

  • The Boho Chic Mom 8 of 12
    The Boho Chic Mom
    Celebrity Example: Camilia Alves

    The Boho Chic Mom looks to the 60s and 70s for their fashion inspiration. They are fond of fridge bags, breezy shirts and will wear bell bottoms on occasion.

    Essential Items: vintage pieces, something embroidered, florals

  • The Mall Mom 9 of 12
    The Mall Mom
    Celebrity Example: Britney Spears

    This mom doesn't worry too much about what she is wearing. She just heads to her local mall, gets stuff that fits and walks right now. She tends to go for comfort and basics that don't scream out any kind of fashion statement. She also loves her Uggs because they are so comfy.

    Essential Items: Uggs, pieces from Target, Victoria's Secret underwear

  • The Dropping Off the Kids to School in PJs Mom 10 of 12
    The Dropping Off the Kids to School in PJs Mom
    Celebrity Example: Helena Bonham Carter

    Some moms aren't morning people, are way too busy in the morning getting the kids ready, or just like to wear their PJs 24/7. The "Dropping Off the Kids to School in PJs Mom" is more worried about getting to class on time than looking fashionable.

    Essential Items: Slippers, robe, oversized pajamas

  • The Doesn’t Look Like a Mom Mom 11 of 12
    The Doesn't Look Like a Mom Mom
    Celebrity Example: Miranda Kerr

    The "The Doesn't Look Like a Mom Mom" has nothing about them that screams "I am a mom." She looks young, lost the baby weight immediately after birth, and still looks as sleek, stylish and chic as they did before they had kids.

    Essential Items: slim leg jeans, the "it" bag, sheer top

  • The Oh My, She is Wearing That Mom 12 of 12
    The Oh My, She is Wearing That Mom
    Celebrity Example: Shauna Sand

    We've all seen the mom who is wearing something that isn't just not age appropriate but just not appropriate at all, anywhere. They wear questionable outfits here, there and everywhere. They put a lot of effort into their "look" but many other moms wish they wouldn't.

    Essential Items: Clear platform heels, extremely tiny mini-skirts, midriff baring tops



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