The Ages of the Disney Princesses Will Surprise You!

I’ve noticed something about my relationship with the Disney Princesses. When I watch a film like Snow White, Cinderella, or Tangled, my mind reverts to a different age; I magically get in touch with my younger self. I am no longer a full-grown adult watching these princesses dance, sing and go on their adventures, I am a wide-eyed little girl swept up in the beauty, romance and the all-important story. Since I watch these films with a younger lens, getting in touch with my inner 7-year-old, I see the Disney princesses as adult figures … women who are “older.” I’m the kid. They’re the adults. But, as it turns out, I am way, way off. Disney Princesses are all very young women. The youngest? 14. The oldest? 19. Check out the “real” ages of the Disney Princesses. Do any of these surprise you?

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  • Mulan: Age 16 2 of 12
    Mulan: Age 16
    Mulan lived in a different time, when the age of 16 was when girls would work with matchmakers to find husbands. But Mulan, she isn't your normal 16-year-old! She is strong, confident and has her own plans.
  • Snow White: Age 14 3 of 12
    Snow White: Age 14
    Snow White is the youngest of all the Disney Princesses. She is just 14! In fact, she's 14-year-old who lives with seven dwarfs and is already lovelorn signing the ditty "Someday my prince will come." And he does.
  • Ariel: Age 16 4 of 12
    Ariel: Age 16
    I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty freaked out if I was King Triton and my strong-willed 16-year-old daughter ran away to try to get close to a boy. But those merfolk have different social rules.
  • Tiana: Age 19 5 of 12
    Tiana: Age 19
    I'm really impressed that Tiana had such a great work ethic and started her own business, her restaurant, at just age 19! Impressive!
  • Rapunzel: Age 18 6 of 12
    Rapunzel: Age 18
    Tangled is a classic coming of age story and the film looks into the big changes that happen to Rapunzel in the days before and after her big 18th birthday. And it's a biggie: she finds her parents, her mate and her destiny.
  • Aurora: Age 16 7 of 12
    Aurora: Age 16
    The evil Maleficent didn't intend on poor Aurora to be awake past her 16th birthday and placed a curse on her for that milestone birthday. But Aurora awoke, and found love, so she had a much sweeter 16 than Maleficent had planned!
  • Belle: Age 17 8 of 12
    Belle: Age 17
    Did you know Belle was just 17? She has such a maturity and thoughtful nature, I would have thought she would have been in her 20s.
  • Pocahontas: Age 18 9 of 12
    Pocahontas: Age 18
    In the Disney film, Pocahontas is 18. But according to history , when the real life Pocahontas met John Smith, she was just 12! She later married John Rolfe when she was 19.
  • Jasmine: Age 15 10 of 12
    Jasmine: Age 15
    Jasmine's father was very focused on finding a husband for his strong willed daughter at the young age of 15. She is to marry before her next birthday: her 16th birthday. But she lived in a very different time than we do now, so perhaps 16 was perfectly normal!
  • Merida: Age 16 11 of 12
    Merida: Age 16
    Like Jasmine, Merida is another princess that is intended to be married off by her 16th birthday. But Merida won't have any of that and takes matters into her own hands. Again, a very different time than today!
  • Cinderella: Age 19 or 20 12 of 12
    Cinderella: Age 19 or 20
    Cinderella is one of the oldest of the bunch, being about 19 or 20 when we meet her. Thankfully she escapes her life of servitude to her step-mother and met her Prince Charming at an age-appropriate time!

Source: via Buzzfeed via Disney Wiki

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