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Brad Womack Starts 'The Bachelor' With A Slap

The Bachelor is back!

Yes, the anticipation is over! The Bachelor Season 15: Brad Womack Returns premieres tonight on ABC at 8:00pm ET.

Brad Womack is the most infamous Bachelor because he left the final rose ceremony without choosing either girl to be his bride.

And he’s back for a second chance.  Does he deserve it?

After Womack left Jenni Croft and Deanna Pappas in tears after failing to choose one of them, I think there are other bachelors out there who should have had a shot to find love.

But, Womack insists that he is a changed man and is ready to find his wife, settle down, and start a family.

Join me at 8pm ET as I’ll be updated throughout the premiere!

8:02:  Brad admits that he realized he was wrong. He started having panic attacks!  “I was a broken man,” he said.  After 4-5 months after not being able to work, he realized he needed to change.  He found a therapist and discovered the reasons behind his commitment phobias.  His father had let him down and Brad carried that pain with him.

8:05:  Family members say that Brad now is able to commit and be in love!  Brad says he’s ready to find love and prove to America that he’s different and “capable of falling in love”.  “I’m ready”  he says.

8:13:  Wow a funeral director???

8:14:  Oooo a divorcee?  

8:14: Michelle is a gorgeous bachelorette!

8:15:  The bachelorettes so far are very cute.  Impressed so far!  Except for Madison who is a vampire???

8:17:  The saddest, most touching story is Emily, the girl-next-door whose fiance died in a plane crash.  A few days later, she learned she was pregnant!  She named her daughter after her daddy.

8:24  Brad tells Chris that he wasn’t capable of falling in love back then. He says he’s a better man now.  He felt very alone after letting go of two amazing women.  He admits he had major trust issues as his father was never around, kept coming and going and left an impact.  He was afraid of letting a woman into his life completely.

8:27  Oooh boy, this is getting good already!  Jenni Croft and Deanna Pappas make an appearance!  What a way to surprise Womack eh?  Total side-swiped him!  “You’ve gotta be kidding me,” Womack says. 

8:32  Both Jenni and Deanna still seem bitter!  Womack apologized to the women and says, “I failed miserably and I’m so profoundly sorry.”

8:33  Jenni says she was very embarrassed.  Deanna says she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve and oipened up and put her trust and the final day for her was brutal.  Well at least they both found love after Womack, which goes to show he wasn’t “the one” anyway, right?

8:34  Womack says he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t think he was a changed man.  Deanna and Jenni think that the bachelorettes will definitely have their guards up.  No kidding!  They may not be very happy to find out that Womack is the Bachelor!

8:42  Chantal slapped him out for all women in America!!!  LMAO!!!

8:43  Alli is willing to give Brad a second chance…. awwww.

8:44  Aaaaand Brad gets his butt grabbed.  Wow!

8:45  So we meet Marissa, Lindsay from Dallas , Ashley who Brad calls “beautiful”, Raichel, and Madison who is wearing her vampire teeth. Eeek!

8:48  I’m seeing a lot of prom dresses tonight!  Blue satin???

8:49  I don’t know about you but the women tonight are pretty cute!  It looks like it might be a good season after all!

8:57  Stacey doesn’t know who Brad is.  Um is this even possible?  Lisa is wearing ruby slippers and can’t wait for him to meet her friends and family… already???

9:00 Bubbly Keltie is a City Rockette and flashed her legs as she came out of the limo – wow!

9:01  Emily says she’s so happy that it’s Brad… he says she’s such a beautiful woman. 

9:02  Michelle is stunning.

9:05  So what do you think of The Bachelor so far???

9:07  Yep, as expected, the women are obviously skeptical… who can blame them?  Can Brad be taken seriously?

9:08  Oh God, now Brad is explaining what happened the last time… no one walked out when given the chance!

9:10  Do you think Brad is a better man for admitting to three years of therapy?  Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

9:13  Despite what happened, Brad still has great abs.

9:17  So who gets the first impression rose???

9:18  Why the heck is this girl waxing Brad???

9:20  So Alli is showing Brad her booty!  Way to impress?  Renee steals him away and Alli steals him back away. HAHAHA!

9:23  Girls, ya gotta be more aggressive!

9:28  Emily is beautiful and sweet.  She seems very sincere.

9:29  Madison has fangs. Ha. She’s not really saying anything!  What does she want?  She has this blank look on her face!

9:30  Michelle is another beauty.  I think she, Ashley S. and Emily will last a while.

9:32  Ashley S. is getting the first impression rose!

9:38  Who will make the cut?

9:39 Michelle, Kimberly, Emily, the vampire Madison, the wax lady are safe so far… 

9:44 Ashley H. joins Ashley S., Megan, Keltie, Lisa M.,  Lindsay, Alli, Sarah P., Marisa, Britt, Stacy, both Chantels, Jackie, and Melissa.

9:52  The drama! The intrigue!  The passion! The romance!  The black eyes!  The upcoming season looks good…

9:54 Oh yeah. I’m hooked.

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