The Top 10 Quotes By 'Celebrity Apprentice' Star Teresa Giudice (Photos)

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Teresa Giudice poses with her husband Joe Giudice.

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is about to embark on a whole new reality TV journey with her stint on this season of Celebrity Apprentice.

And with more airtime on television, will come a whole lot more of Teresa’s controversial comments. Let’s be honest – the girl doesn’t have the best sense of the English language, but what she does say often hurts those around her.

Giudice is the type of person who you either love and really hate, but to each their own. Take a look below at Teresa’s top 10 quotes!

  • Finances 1 of 10
    "I am relaxed. I'm calm and cool like a whistle." - Teresa, after Caroline and the women start to tear apart her family's financial records on national TV.
  • Devil In Red 2 of 10
    "You're the devil. You're wearing red. It matches you. You like that, bitch? We're at a good place right now. Why are you going back there?" - Teresa to Melissa, after Teresa recounted a statement Melissa supposedly made while inebriated about liking her husband, Joe Gorga, just for his money.
  • The Exorcist 3 of 10
    "You're such a freaking liar! I'm, like, looking at Exorcist right now. You're, like, spinning....You're a freaking liar. You're pathetic." - Teresa to Caroline Manzo, after Caroline told Cohen that Teresa once said she didn't want to make up with her brother, Joe Gorga, because he's an "a--hole."
  • Ignorant Times 4 of 10
    During a segment discussing the Giudice family's financials and bankruptcy proceedings, reunion host Andy Cohen wondered just how long Teresa has to pay back her multi-million dollar debt. "I don't know exactly," Teresa says. Counters Cohen, without missing a beat: "You should look into that."
  • Scratching Post 5 of 10
    "Caroline, go scratch. Go scratch." Teresa Giudice, defending her choice to discuss the problems she is having with her brother, Joe Gorga, with her 10 year-old daughter, Gia.
  • Cocky or Confident? 6 of 10
    "Maybe the markets not what the ladies really expected, but I think its great research so… get over it. That's why I'm New York Times best seller's author." Teresa Giudice, who did not care that every one was horrified by the carnage at the Higuey Market in the Dominican Republic, where she took them to conducted research for her third cook book.
  • Jealousy 7 of 10
    "Belly dancers? I don't see the fit. I mean… is that supposed to turn me on or something?" Teresa Giudice, who did not understand why Kathy Wakile had belly dancers at her goddess-themed party.
  • Always A Step Higher 8 of 10
    "Food-wise everything looked great. I was just expecting for a goddess party, more um… like, maybe naked goddess guys walking around passing her food around to us. Lets just say… I would have done it differently." Teresa Giudice, who managed to find fault with Kathy Wakile's goddess-themed party.
  • Drunken Mess 9 of 10
    "I was kind of a little embarrassed. When my husband drinks, things get a little out of control. He looked like ‘Tales From The Creept.'" Teresa Giudice, after her husband Joe Giudice fell flat on his face while tumbling, and chipped his tooth.
  • Hug Me Tighter 10 of 10
    "I wanted him to hug me tight. You know? I wanted him to really hug me. You know, it's kind of weird that my brother is standing in front of me and I… I could tell that he's still not the same Joey. Like… there's a wall up." Teresa Giudice, on her brother Joe Gorga's demeanor at her book signing.

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