The Truth About Blanket Jackson's Mom

The latest news about Blanket Jackson’s true biological heritage is that he is Prince and Paris’ brother from two other mothers. After Debbie Rowe ran into complications with her pregnancy with Paris, Michael Jackson selected an unidentified egg donor and a San Diego nurse as the surrogate.

The surrogate mother has been identified (supposedly) by The Mirror as a nurse in San Diego named Helena, who Michael paid a $20,000 surrogacy fee and showered with gifts and a staff of helpers.

Apparently, MJ chose her because “she had a latino background but she was also a US citizen and had quite fair skin,” all traits he wanted for his “designer baby.” According to this story, MJ didn’t seem to realize that, because the egg was donated from someone else, the traits of the surrogate don’t factor in.

The truth about who MJ chose to carry his son Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) is not nearly as shocking a revelation as how little the actual egg donor got paid — a reported got paid only $3,500! For a Jackson baby… that’s almost criminal!

The egg donor’s identity is apparently on double-secret lockdown, even the mother doesn’t know that her baby is Blanket Jackson.


Article Posted 9 years Ago

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