Tiger's Cheating Tally Is Up To 12 Women Now

tiger-woods-red-shirt-prowl_2313642We are now in double digits in the Tiger Woods scandal. Do you know who they all are? Are there more waiting in the wings?

Let’s list them all, at least the women we know of, so we can keep a running tally.

1-Rachel Uchitel: This is the girl getting all the money. She’s the one that is being paid hush money to, for lack of a better word, hush up. She hired Gloria Allred at first to acknowledge the affair, but has now gone quiet. She did say Tiger told her he loved her and was jealous and possessive of her. He continued to text her after the news of the affair broke.

Could he really be in love with her?

2-Jaimee Grubbs: She had an almost 3 year relationship with Tiger. She met him in Las Vegas and says they had sex at least 20 times. Their relationship ended on Nov 24, when he left her a voicemail stating the fact that his wife found out.

At least he didn’t text her — It’s over.

3-Kalika Moquin: She’s the girl that’s keeping her mouth shut. She didn’t deny the affair, but her friends say she isn’t involved with Tiger anymore.

Hmmm, he must have just been a stage she was going through.

4-Mindy Lawton: She’s the girl that was close to home. If he felt like stepping out for a few minutes, he didn’t have far to go. Just down to the neighborhood Perkins. They had sex in a church parking lot, in the car.

Are they not out of high-school yet?

5-Jamie Jungers: She’s such a cute, dirty girl. She met Tiger in Vegas and the pair had an 18-month affair. She was a model for Trashy Lingerie. OSunds like Tiger’s type of girl.

Jamie wanted to get as much money for her story as possible and sure enough, she sold it to the highest bidder.

6-Corie Rist: She didn’t make a statement. Perhaps because she is battling her ex-husband for custody of her son.

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.

7-Holly Sampson: Come on she’s a porn star. What philandering man doesn’t want to have sex with a porn star. She’s not saying anything either though. I wonder why.

8-Florida Club Girl: She had sex with Tiger when he was engaged. I know it’s wrong, but. . . he wasn’t technically married.

9-Woman with a Nude Photo:  is it really him? Authenticators are trying to figure that out.

10-Sex Hungry Cougar: Not yet  named, local woman that is bragging about going to Tiger’s office for “lessons.”

11-Presenter: A famous British presenter “She’s really sexy and very well-known. A very famous golfer – a good friend of mine – told me about it years ago.” Wait, he’s only been married a couple of years. If this happened years ago, does it count?

12-Joslyn James: Another porn star. Need I say more.

Ick. . . I think I may need to go shower now.


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