Tom Cruise & The Church of Scientology : 11 Other Stars Who Are Believers Some Who May Surprise You!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Are No More

It is no secret that Tom Cruise is a card carrying member of the Church of Scientology. He is not afraid to tout his admiration for the organization and his dedication to it’s principles and practicies.  He once famously say in Rolling Stone, “Some people, well, if they don’t like Scientology, well, then, f%&k you. Really. F*&k you. Period.” In a more calm mood he stated,  “I think it’s a privilege to call yourself a Scientologist and it’s something you have to earn. And because a Scientologist does, he or she has the ability to create new and better realities, and improve conditions.”

While Tom Cruise has been the poster child of the Church of Scientology, he is not alone in Tinsletown for following the lessons of science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.  Scientologists are a controversial bunch who have been hit with accusations from brain washing to fraud.  But there are some very high profile people, along side Tom Cruise, who believe in these teachings.  What other celebrity families are scientologists?

Check out eleven more right here some of them may surprise you!


  • Jenna Elfman 1 of 11
    Jenna Elfman
    Jenna Elman and her husband are both avid Scientologists with Jenna once saying, "I intend to make Scientology as accessible to as many people as I can." "In other philosophies, my questions would get answered to some degree, but then I would have a follow-up question and there would be no answer. The logic would dead-end. In Scientology you can find answers for anything you could ever think to ask. These are not pushed off on you as, "This is the answer, you have to believe in it." In Scientology you discover for yourself what is true for you." "No one is telling you. You gain your own knowledge of what is true for you. And so your ability to communicate, your ability to be certain about yourself and to know what your purposes, intentions and goals are, become much stronger. Scientology is about regaining total cause over your own life."
    Source: Adherents
  • John Travolta and Kelly Preston 2 of 11
    John Travolta and Kelly Preston
    John Travolta became a Scientologist way back in 1975 and credits it for his success in his career and relationships.

    "I have fame on the level of a Marilyn Monroe or an Elvis Presley, but part of the reason I didn`t go the way they did was because of my beliefs. People make judgments about Scientology, but often they don`t know what they`re talking about".
    Source: Lucy Who

  • Lisa Marie Presley 3 of 11
    Lisa Marie Presley
    But there has been some speculation that Lisa Marie has left the church after her song "So Long" was released this Spring. Some of the lyrics are as follows (and it really does sound like she is speaking of Scientology)

    "This here is a city without lights
    Those are all the people without eyes
    Churches, they don't have a soul
    Soup for sale without a bowl
    Religion so corrupt and running lives
    Farewell, fair weathered friends
    I can't say I'll miss you in the end."
    Source: Village Voice

  • Leah Remini 4 of 11
    Leah Remini
    Leah Remini once told CNN of people judging scientology, "I can see how people might trip out about it. But I've been doing it for so long."
    Source: CNN
  • Kirstie Alley 5 of 11
    Kirstie Alley
    Kirstie credits Scientology for saving her life. "To tell you the honest-to-God truth: without Scientology, I would be dead. So, I can personally highly recommend it."
  • Jason Lee 6 of 11
    Jason Lee
    Jason Lee's ex wife Carmen Llewellyn spoke of Jason being "obsessed" with scientology and says his involvement with the church ruined their marriage.
  • Beck 7 of 11
    Rock star Beck is a second generation Scientologist and declaring in and interview that,"Yeah, I'm a Scientologist. My father has been a Scientologist for about 35 years, so I grew up in and around it." .
    Source: Wikipedia
  • Catherine Bell 8 of 11
    Catherine Bell
    JAG Star Catherine Bell is a well known Scientologist, she reportedly has been on a quest for a state of "clear."
  • Nancy Cartwright 9 of 11
    Nancy Cartwright
    How much does Nancy Cartwright the voice of Bart Simpson believe in Scientology? So much! According to reports, the actress gave the church $10 million dollars back in 2007.
    Source: SF Gate
  • Ethan Suplee 10 of 11
    Ethan Suplee
    The My Name is Earl starred alongside fellow Scientologist Jason Lee. Convenient, no?
  • Giovanni Ribisi 11 of 11
    Giovanni Ribisi
    Actor Giovanni Ribisi says he "loves to talk about Scientology," and for reason. He's a lifelong believer. "I grew up with Scientology - my parents at one point were clerical. It's a pragmatic philosophy, not merely a belief system. Yeah, it's had media exposure because certain luminaries do Scientology, but millions of people do it who are not celebrities. It's not a threat or some cult."
    Source: Brainy Quotes

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