Totally Odd Etsy Odes to Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and Snooki (Photos)

Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and Snooki are some of the most iconic, popular, most searched on the internet ladies in the whole entire world. They each come from VERY different worlds; Kim is a Tinsel Town socialite, Kate Middleton married a prince, and Snooki owes the Jersey Shore for her fame. But they do have a big thing in common; they all have motherhood in the forefront of their lives with Kim and Kate expecting their first child and Snooki is enjoying her brand new baby. Oh, and another thing they have in common? They have all been the muse for a variety of clever Etsy artists! Check out these odd and awesome odes to Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and Snooki right here:


  • Etsy Odes! 1 of 16
    Etsy Odes!
    Amazing and odd Etsy odes to Snooki, Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton!
  • Upcycle 2 of 16
    A great piece of upcycled art, this portrait of Kate Middleton has been printed on a dictionary page.
    Photo Source: Etsy/ArtOnPage Buy here for $12.25
  • Keep Calm 3 of 16
    Keep Calm
    "Keep calm and be fabulous." Yes, words to live by.
    Photo Source: Etsy/SheDoodled Buy here for $7.50
  • One Line! 4 of 16
    One Line!
    Wow. Check this one out. The artist said of this piece: "This picture have been done using only one line which is outlining everything connected to the Celebrity. If you look inside the picture, you will find : her Wedding, in the Royal cart, all the audience watching around the World, the wedding dress, etc... , etc...." Yes, wow.
    Photo Source: Etsy/PAGAZINE Buy here for $46
  • Kate Middleton Needlecraft Embroidery 5 of 16
    Kate Middleton Needlecraft Embroidery
    If you take your needlecraft seriously, you can get this Kate Middleton pattern for your embroidery sewing machine and put Kate on anything and everything.
    Photo Source: Etsy/yothreadworks Buy here for $5
  • What’s in Her Bag? 6 of 16
    What's in Her Bag?
    A super cool illustration of what could be in Kate Middleton's bag! Love this one!
    Photo Source: Etsy/emmakisstina Buy here for $32
  • Kate Portrait 7 of 16
    Kate Portrait
    An admirer of Kate Middleton created this interesting portrait of the royal. She also did one of Prince William is you are looking for a pair.
    Photo Source: Etsy/ArtByMarilyn Buy here for $40
  • God Save the Princess 8 of 16
    God Save the Princess
    This is a very cool pop art, with a bit of punk, portrait of Kate by French Artist Yannick Hamon.
    Photo Source: Etsy/Yannick Hamon UnikArt Buy here for $1000
  • The Snooki Bump 9 of 16
    The Snooki Bump
    Vintage Snooki style is highlighted in this pop art take on the one and only Snooki. Love the colors!
    Photo Source: Etsy/ James Jajac Buy here for $3.
  • The Snooki Stare 10 of 16
    The Snooki Stare
    The Snooki stare! It's like she can look into your soul. This really is a beautifully executed drawing.
    Photo Source: Etsy/ DanKrovatin Buy here for $100
  • Snooki as Rapunzel 11 of 16
    Snooki as Rapunzel
    Yes, your dreams have come true. It's Snooki as Rapunzel!
    Photo Source: Etsy/bytherealkatsketch Buy here for $18
  • Meatball 12 of 16
    "Meatball!" Yes, that says it all. This bold Snooki painting totally pays homage to her Jersey Shore days.
    Photo Source: Etsy/ Kami Mathisen Buy here for $100
  • Those Were the Days 13 of 16
    Those Were the Days
    Those were the days! A portrait of Snooki and The Situation! Snooki certainly has a different style now.
    Photo Source: Etsy/MySoulsDesireShop Buy here for $35
  • Kim Glows! 14 of 16
    Kim Glows!
    Kim totally glows in this portrait, it's a really lovely tribute to the mom to be.
    Photo Source: Etsy/Popartpop Buy here for $25
  • Sphinx outside the Box 15 of 16
    Sphinx outside the Box
    This artists made Kim Kardashian into a sphinx! Yes, it is very interesting both in content and style.
    Photo Source: Etsy/HAZYLAZYDAZE Buy here for $10
  • Kim Stencil 16 of 16
    Kim Stencil
    Kim Kardashian done in total street style! It even quotes lyrics from a Blondie song. An interesting mash-up don't you think?
    Photo Source: Etsy/LowLevel Buy here for $38

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