True Love, Tattoos & Teen Moms! This Week with Leah, Maci, Kail, Chelsea & Jenelle (Photos)

Farrah & Maci in NYC!

Those Teen Moms certainly keep busy! And this last week, it was a doozy!

Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, and Catelynn Lowell were in New York City doing some work for the show and while they were there Farrah Abraham turned 21!  Leah Messer and boyfriend Jeremy Calvert were super sweet with their statements of true love while Jenelle Evans and boyfriend Gary Head had a fight, broke up, and now it appears they are back together. Chelsea Houska‘s daughter Aubree enjoyed her new playset and Kail Lowry met some ducks!

Check out this week in super cute Teen Mom photos right here and see what they have been up to.

  • Leah Messer Twins Growing Up! 1 of 25
    Leah Messer Twins Growing Up!
    She wrote, "Having my first summer yard sale! I hate seeing the girls little clothes & toys etc. being sold! That means they're growing up! //:" So sweet!
    Source: Twitter
  • True Love! 2 of 25
    True Love!
    Leah tweeted on Monday, "I think I found my best friend! I knew I loved you before I met you<3 @Calvert505" So cute! And on her boyfriend Jeremy's page he says in his profile, "Hey y'all. Im 22 years old. Im dating the love of my life @TM2LeahDawn as of 8/13/11, I love her and her girls." They are so cute together!
    Source: Twitter
  • Maci Bookout & Bentley 3 of 25
    Maci Bookout & Bentley
    "he won't take the jersey off..." Kids do that!
    Source: Twitter
  • Maci’s Sleep Boy 4 of 25
    Maci's Sleep Boy
    "crap... somebody woke up at 12:30am #imscrewed" And Maci was awake enough to capture his sleephead-ness on her phone!
    Source: Twitter
  • Date Night 5 of 25
    Date Night
    Maci tweeted these cute pics with the message, "my friday night date, perfection."
    Source: Twitter
  • Tongues of Many Colors! 6 of 25
    Tongues of Many Colors!
    Maci showed off her and Bentley's colored tongues with the explanation - "jolly ranchers"
    Source: Twitter
  • Maci Engaged? 7 of 25
    Maci Engaged?
    No, no, it was just her posing with Farrah Abraham and a ring pop! She tweeted, "birthday girl and my engagement ring from @mxgoat !! #NYC"
    Source: Twitter
  • This is Work 8 of 25
    This is Work
    Nice work is you can get it! Maci tweeted this with the message, ""a day at the office!"
    Source: Twitter
  • Sweet! 9 of 25
    Maci and Bentley sharing a very sweet moment.
    Source: Twitter
  • Chelsea Houska 10 of 25
    Chelsea Houska
    The family dogs are ready to play! She tweeted, "Our dogs take frisbee very seriously"
    Source: Twitter
  • Ready to Play! 11 of 25
    Ready to Play!
    Chelsea's daughter Aubree is ready to play too! "Sooomeone wants to go play outside"
    Source: Twitter
  • So Cute! 12 of 25
    So Cute!
    Chelsea and Aubree's adorable dog! She tweeted, "Precious face."
    Source: Twitter
  • New Swing Set 13 of 25
    New Swing Set
    Now this is one lucky girl! "Aubree's pretty excited about the new swing set at papa's!!"
    Source: Twitter
  • Cuteness! 14 of 25
    This says it all - "Pretty girl :)
    Source: Twitter
  • Chelsea Hair’s 15 of 25
    Chelsea Hair's
    She tweeted this fab pic of her hair with the message, "Ombré <3"
    Source: Twitter
  • Playtime with Kail Lowry’s Son 16 of 25
    Playtime with Kail Lowry's Son
    "Showing Tio how to play! @mynamo2307"
    Source: Twitter
  • Kail Lowry and Her Son at the Ball Game 17 of 25
    Kail Lowry and Her Son at the Ball Game
    Such a cute photo!
    Source: Twitter
  • Making Friends 18 of 25
    Making Friends
    Kail met some ducks!
    Source: Twitter
  • Kail and Doggie! 19 of 25
    Kail and Doggie!
    She simply wrote, "Bear!"
    Source: Twitter
  • Swinger! 20 of 25
    Kail tweeted, "Big boy swing!"
    Source: Twitter
  • Kail’s Tattoo Time! 21 of 25
    Kail's Tattoo Time!
    "3 more sessions then it'll finally be done. Summer 2012!"
    Source: Twitter
  • Jenelle Evan’s Son 22 of 25
    Jenelle Evan's Son
    Jenelle's son is already enjoying summer tweeting, "Yeah he's ready for the pool :)
    Source: Twitter
  • Jenelle & Gary Back Together 23 of 25
    Jenelle & Gary Back Together
    They had a rocky week but now it looks like they are back together. Jenelle tweeted this pic and the message, "<3 @gary_head."
    Source: Twitter
  • A Happy Jenelle! 24 of 25
    A Happy Jenelle!
    She tweeted this with the message, " Mmmmm :)"
  • Jenelle Enjoying the Start of Summer 25 of 25
    Jenelle Enjoying the Start of Summer
    "Mmmmm yes the sun!"

Images: Via Twitter


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