Tweets, Moves, Dates - Why Are We Still Hating on Celeb Moms' Choices? (Photos)

Katie Holmes' choice of school for Suri raised eyebrows.

For all the applause Katie Holmes got for taking daughter Suri out of an allegedly harmful Scientology-based environment, she got almost as much criticism for her choices when she was selecting a new environment – namely, a school – for her child.

She considered a Catholic school. Too restrictive. Goodbye to pretty clothes and lipstick. And would it be too much of a shock for the first-grader to go from Dianetics to Mass and rosaries in such a short time?

Then she settled on a nondenominational private school. Ridiculously expensive, smirked critics (the annual tuition is almost what an average middle-class family brings in per year). And fellow parents worried that their uniform-clad daughters might be mistaken for young Ms. Cruise and get hounded by paparazzi.

For heaven’s sake. The woman is just trying to give her daughter an education. Did we really expect her to put one of the most famous children in America on a bus and send her to public school? Suri may be mingling with other elite kids, but at least she’ll have friends. For the last six years, the only pals she’s been seen with are her stuffed animals.

Are we so insecure about our own parenting choices that we have to criticize other moms in order to feel better about ourselves?

Take a look at our gallery of other celebrity mothers who’ve been feeling the heat for recent decisions they’ve made – posting pictures, going out with a boyfriend, changing addresses – and why we say that maybe the public is being too hard on them.

  • Giuliana Rancic: Set up a Twitter account for her baby 1 of 6
    Giuliana Rancic: Set up a Twitter account for her baby
    The proud new mom gave newborn Edward Duke a VERY early introduction to social media by setting up his own Twitter account. "You can find me eating, sleeping or pooping...that's how I roll," says his bio. A bit much? Not really. It's more like a cute new-mom joke - not to mention a preventive measure against those who might want to get first dibs on the handle.
    Will you follow little Duke?
  • Kate Gosselin: Shared a picture of her daughter’s legs 2 of 6
    Kate Gosselin: Shared a picture of her daughter's legs
    Little girls have been trying on their mothers' shoes ever since...well, the invention of shoes. So when a famous mom tweeted a pic of her tween daughter doing just that, it should have inspired a lot of "awws" from fans. Except that in this case, the famous mom was Kate Gosselin, the reality star folks just love to hate. Before you could say "Jimmy Choo," haters took her to task for making her child a target for pedophiles. Does that mean no one should share pics of their kids anymore?
    Read more about the story.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow: Lets her kids watch TV only in foreign languages 3 of 6
    Gwyneth Paltrow: Lets her kids watch TV only in foreign languages
    Gwyneth is being slammed as "pretentious" and "insufferable" because she allows Apple and Moses to watch cartoons only if they're in French or Spanish. Good grief - can't we give her a little credit for trying to teach them new things while their minds are still young and able to pick up new tongues quickly? And, um, don't millions of moms do the same thing when they switch on Dora and Diego?
    Read more about her controversial choice.
  • Heidi Klum: Began dating her bodyguard 4 of 6
    Heidi Klum: Began dating her bodyguard
    The supermodel told Katie Couric that she and Martin Kirsten "just started" their new romance, despite Seal's hint that they were together before the divorce proceedings began. Yes, sure, she could have waited a little longer to bring another man into her life after the bitter breakup. But Martin has been a part of the family's life for four years. Sometimes things just happen. As long as she puts her four kids' interests first, leave her love life alone.
    Here's what she had to say.
  • Kourtney Kardashian: Moved her newborn out of state 5 of 6
    Kourtney Kardashian: Moved her newborn out of state
    Barely two months after giving birth to baby Penelope, Kourt packed up and moved her family to Miami, where she's filming her new reality show, "Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami." Some critics say it's unwise for a newborn to be moved to an unfamiliar environment and raised by a mom who'll be spending lots of time at work. But how much different is Kourtney than regular moms who have to return to full-time jobs after just 12 weeks of maternity leave - or even sooner? If Kourtney enjoys her TV job, and if she's able to get enough quality time with Penelope and big brother Mason, then let her do as she sees fit. Besides, unlike most of us, she has the option of quitting work if she decides she'd rather be an at-home mom.
    One essayist begs Kourtney to take a break.
  • Jenelle Evans: Moved away from her son 6 of 6
    Jenelle Evans: Moved away from her son
    Recent tweets from the "Teen Mom" star explain that she and her boyfriend, Kieffer, are looking for apartments in New Jersey so they can start a new life and be closer to his family. Although it means being hundreds of miles away from her son, Jace, she insists this will be better for them both in the long run. Her mom, Barbara, who has custody of the boy, hasn't let Jenelle see her son in weeks. The young mom has to prove she can provide a stable home for her child in order to regain custody. Maybe a fresh start in a new state will help her do just that. We certainly hope so.
    Follow Jenelle's move on Twitter.

[Photos: via PacificCoastNews, Twitter]

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