Most Unrealistic TV Families

  • The Brady Bunch 1 of 10
    The Brady Bunch
    While it’s hard to resist getting sucked into the glowing Brady children on screen, it's damn near impossible to believe that a blended family of eight, presumably both sides of whom have endured either a divorce or death of a parent, would interact 24 hours a day with the snappy panache of the woodland creatures who help Snow White get dressed each morning.
  • The Duggars, 19 Kids and Counting 2 of 10
    The Duggars, 19 Kids and Counting
    The Duggars are basically the Bradys — if the Bradys lived on a compound and somehow tripled in numbers. But the Duggars are real, and if the viewer eats up their wholesomer-than-thou image, said viewer is going to feel like a failure. Why? Because with a family 1/7th the size we, er, the viewer, can’t get our kids to behave nearly as well.
  • Jack and Kim Bauer, 24 3 of 10
    Jack and Kim Bauer, 24
    The odds that someone as inept as Kim Bauer sprang from the loins of a badass as badass-y as Jack Bauer are the same as the odds of Britney Spears winning a MacArthur Genius grant. While the bigger Bauer is busy tracking suspects, cracking codes and getting his torture on, his perky progeny is equally talented at creating situations so impossibly stupid, the viewer is forced to dream of a perfect world where Jack is after her.
  • Michael Bluth, Arrested Development 4 of 10
    Michael Bluth, Arrested Development
    Kudos to Jason Bateman for pulling off the straight-arrow son born to epically idiotic parents on this prematurely cancelled show, but let’s be honest: There's no way rational, deadpan guy Michael was in any way a product of his tragically self-absorbed TV parents.
  • Jules and Travis Cobb, Cougar Town 5 of 10
    Jules and Travis Cobb, Cougar Town
    Cougar Town gets the thumbs up for portraying the sexy side of moms in their 40s and for bringing Busy Philipps back to TV in a role finally worthy of her awesomeness. But the kids on this show are a tough sell; we doubt a real-life Travis would deal with catching his mom pleasuring a guy in their backyard with the same level of short-term humiliation as TV Travis.
  • The Partridge Family 6 of 10
    The Partridge Family
    The only thing that makes the Partridge Family less realistic than any other overly happy family is that on top of being perpetually spritely, the Partridge kids also managed fast fame without any of the real-life problems the actors playing them faced.
  • Manny Delgado, Modern Family 7 of 10
    Manny Delgado, Modern Family
    Manny's a pretty awesome part of the already oh-so-funny Modern Family crew. There's just no way he's a product of his bombshell of a mom and smoother-than-smooth dad. Precocious and bizarrely refined, Manny neither looks nor acts like either of his TV parents or his semi-curmudgeon of a step-dad, leading us to believe that somewhere down the line, the truth will come out.
  • The Martins, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody 8 of 10
    The Martins, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
    One question: Where are these kids' parents? Where? Point them out. Please. Supposedly the mama to Zack and Cody lives in the same place as the hotel-dwelling twins played by Cole and Dylan Sprouse, but apart from brief hi/bye/don't-do-that/give-me-a-hug cameos, she's basically nonexistent. A more interesting show would perhaps be The Suite Adult Life of Zack and Cody, wherein viewers get to watch a montage of girlfriends and first wives explain that they're neither Zack nor Cody's mama.
  • Anyone who’s ever appeared on Wife Swap 9 of 10
    Anyone who's ever appeared on Wife Swap
    The grand irony of creating a reality show centered around showcasing modern day families is that so few realistic modern families are ever shown. The “Where in the hell did they find these people?” list is a mile long on this show (three amazing examples here, here and here). No family seems to even remotely resemble one we’ve met in real life.
  • Supernanny/Nanny 911 10 of 10
    Supernanny/Nanny 911
    Let's be perfectly clear about this — we love Supernanny Jo Frost and Nanny Central. We need their parenting tips like zombies need brains. What we can't buy is that there are so many epically awful parents on these shows, whose only hope is to appear on a reality show. It's hard to believe that no one has told this family before, for example: "Oh hey, you probably shouldn't let your kids eat pig food."

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