Vote 2010: Sarah Palin Insists Again You Can See Russia From Alaska!

There are serious issues at stake today in the election, such as who will have the majority in the House and whether the tea party is just a fad or capable of real change. But the most controversial topic may be this: Can you really see Russia from Alaska? Sarah Palin’s out to prove it’s true!

Proving that the mom and former governor either has a wicked sense of humor or absolutely no self-awareness after the debacle two years ago, Palin posted a picture on her Facebook page under the heading “Alaska’s Position on the Globe (Yes, You Can See Russia!).” It shows what she says is Russia visible over the shoulder of a fellow “tough Alaskan.”

But really it’s a Palin appeal to please oh please vote for Joe Miller for Senate in Alaska presumably not a call for new geography books or such.

So are you convinced? Is the “lamestream media,” as Palin calls them, wrong for making fun of her?


Photo: Facebook.com

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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