Wedding Plans, Breakups and Medical Emergencies: This Week in "Teen Mom" News! (Photos)

A sweet surprise for Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin.

Ain’t love grand!

Ever since Teen Mom star Kail Lowry announced her engagement to Javi Marroquin, the couple has been flooded with well-wishes. One even appeared in the form of this chocolatey message, courtesy of their favorite hibachi restaurant.

But they weren’t the only ones in the TM family with good news to share. Leah Calvert‘s daughter Ali has started walking independently – no small feat for her – and Farrah Abraham‘s book, My Teenage Dream Ended, is doing so well that the distributor ran out of copies!

Another castmate isn’t as fortunate. Jenelle Evans started off the week on the road, making grand plans for a new home and a new life with Kieffer Delp. She ended it back in North Carolina, reeling from a double blow: a medical crisis and the end (for real, she swears) of her relationship.

But no matter what befalls these popular young mothers, they’re always quick to share their happiness and heartache on Twitter!

What else happened this week? Take a look at our gallery!

  • Maci Bookout: Tender portrait! 1 of 21
    Maci Bookout: Tender portrait!
    Maci's love life may be in flux - rumor has it she's on the outs with boyfriend Kyle King - but she cherishes her days with sweet Bentley.
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Outdoor fun 2 of 21
    Outdoor fun
    "Bike rides wit Benny in our hoodies and converse"
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Bentley’s buddies 3 of 21
    Bentley's buddies
    Maci took these shots of Bentley and his friends enjoying his kiddie car.
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Jenelle Evans: A rough week 4 of 21
    Jenelle Evans: A rough week
    Jenelle's plans to start a new life in New Jersey with Keiffer Delp came to a screeching halt when Jenelle went to the hospital for a ruptured ovarian cyst. Kieffer offered no support, the two broke up and Jenelle returned home, uncertain of what her future holds.
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Carolina on her mind 5 of 21
    Carolina on her mind
    Out of the hospital, with her moving plans canceled, Jenelle wasted no time going back to her Southern hometown.
    Make pumpkin cinnamon streusel pancakes.
  • A girl’s best friend 6 of 21
    A girl's best friend
    Jenelle may not be able to count on the men in her life, but her pal Brody is a faithful companion.
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Any rubber ducks? 7 of 21
    Any rubber ducks?
    Jenelle joked that anyone can tell whose bathtub she used: son Jace's.
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Kail Lowry: Happy bride-to-be! 8 of 21
    Kail Lowry: Happy bride-to-be!
    Kail's week was full of congratulatory messages from fans - and the beginning of wedding planning. "Last sodas for a WHILE!" Kail vowed. "Getting ready for our wedding!"
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Super Isaac! 9 of 21
    Super Isaac!
    Kail notes that even superheroes use the elevator sometimes.
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • All cooped up 10 of 21
    All cooped up
    No, this isn't an extreme time-out. Isaac just decided to check out the dog crate.
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Kail’s other loves 11 of 21
    Kail's other loves
    Next to Isaac and Javi, Kail's dogs are high on her list. But like the dogs, she's a loyal friend, too - she and Javi rushed to Jenelle's bedside when she was hospitalized in New York.
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Lotso fun 12 of 21
    Lotso fun
    Isaac loves his "Toy Story" collection!
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Cuddling up 13 of 21
    Cuddling up
    Sophia is too young to understand, but one day she'll know how her mother came through her darkest time.
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Farrah Abraham: Getting involved in a worthy cause 14 of 21
    Farrah Abraham: Getting involved in a worthy cause
    Farrah Abraham joined a fundraiser for a suicide-prevention organization. It's a cause that hits home with her: After her fiance died in an accident, Farrah sank into a depression so deep she attempted suicide twice.
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • New friends 15 of 21
    New friends
    Sophia lost her heart to kittens in a pet store.
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Chelsea Houska: More mother-daughter time 16 of 21
    Chelsea Houska: More mother-daughter time
    Aubree's third birthday may have passed, but the fun goes on! Here's Aubree's birthday swing set assembled by Chelsea's dad, Randy.
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Aubree picks apples 17 of 21
    Aubree picks apples
    One of the delights of the season is going apple-picking! Chelsea took her daughter to an orchard to get some pie-perfect fruit.
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Awww! 18 of 21
    Aubree and a pal share a smooch among the pumpkins.
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Leah Calvert: Ali’s big milestone 19 of 21
    Leah Calvert: Ali's big milestone
    Little Ali may be sitting in this picture, but this young lady is going places. This week, she started walking unassisted for longer distances. Her family is so thrilled!
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Aleeah’s okay! 20 of 21
    Aleeah's okay!
    Aleeah had a scare this week when she fell on her face, causing her eye to swell. Fortunately, she's fine now.
    Photo: via Twitter.
  • Catelynn Lowell: Just chilling 21 of 21
    Catelynn Lowell: Just chilling
    Catelynn Lowell tweeted this shot of fiance Tyler Baltierra, their dog Caesar and Tyler's nephew.
    Photo: via Twitter.

[Photos: via Twitter]

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