What Celebs Order At Starbucks!

This week, Starbucks is celebrating its 40th anniversary by introducing some new coffee treats as well as debuting a new iconic logo look.

Gone is the word “Starbucks” – the company thinks that after 40 years, its siren logo can speak for herself.

So just what to celebs order when they order stop by for a pick-me-up? According to Extra, each celeb has their own signature Starbucks favorite!

Those Who Love Vanilla:
Britney Spears — Vanilla Frappuccino
Hayden Panettiere — Vanilla Grande Non-Fat Chai
Mary Kate Olsen — Vanilla Venti Sugar-Free Non-Fat Frappuccino
Paula Abdul — Vanilla Soy Chai

No Milk, Please:
Heidi Klum — Soy Latte
Shakira — Soy Latte (Extra Hot!)
Reese Witherspoon — Grande Almond Soy Latte (Strong, please!)
Katie Holmes — Half Caf Grande Soy Latte

Uber Fancy:
Dita Von Teese — Gingerbread Latte with Whipped Cream
Ashton Kutcher — Iced Grande Caramel Macchiato
Renae Zellwegger — Venti Blueberry & Cream Frappuccino
Derek Jeter — Venti Java Chip Frappuccino

Tyra Banks — Non-Fat Latte
Nicole Kidman — Triple Grande Skim Wet Cappuccino
Michelle Pfeiffer — Grande Non-Fat Latte
Bill Cosby — Triple Non-Fat Extra Hot No Foam Latte

Plain Janes/Johns:
Ben Affleck — Tall Iced Americano
Dax Shepard — Tall Black Drip Coffee
Kirsten Dunst — Tall Drip Coffee
Elijah Wood — Venti Iced Espresso (4 shots)

Tea Totalers:
Lindsay Lohan — Grande Iced Tazo Green Tea
Rumer Willis — Grande Iced Tazo Green Tea
Bruce Willis — Chai
Steven Speilberg — Chai

So what’s your favorite Starbucks treat? I happen to love the Unsweetened Passion Tea and also the Vanilla Chai Latte!

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