What Real Parents Wish They Could Hear a Celebrity Parent Confess

If you are a parent, you will know this when I say that parenting = hard! There are days where you are more tired than you thought possible, days where your kids are driving you so crazy you want to scream and nothing is as easy as it may seem.

That’s real life. For what we see of celebrity parents it seems so much easier. When they go out in public, they seem to put together. Their kids behave even with cameras catching their every move and the whole scene just looks super-human. While I believe a lot of it to just be for the cameras, a media spin — I do believe many are genuinely great parents (with the added perks of course of money, nannies, cooks and stylists.)

There are times where I find myself rolling my eyes at some interviews celebrity parents give. They are always positive and as a blogger myself and someone who chats about our parenting adventures, reading only the good can make you seem fake and not relatable. Surely their lives can’t be that perfect all the time, right?

I have wished that celeb parents would dish on the real truth of parenting and not make it seem so easy. There are some commonalities between parents and since it I don’t think it will happen any time soon, I have created totally fake quotes from our favorite celebrity parents — real parenthood truths us real parents wish they would come out and just say.

Click through to read what I wish more celebrity parents would come out and say:

  • Beyonce 1 of 10
    I just want new moms to confess that they also wear tight undergarments to hold everything together. Their bodies are far too perfect.
  • Jessica Alba 2 of 10
    Jessica Alba
    Celebrities are in the spotlight all the time with their kids -- acting perfect. I go into the library with my kids and they cause a crap-storm every time. Why?
  • Angelina Jolie 3 of 10
    Angelina Jolie
    She seems like she knows what she is doing -- and if she does I want her to share the secret.
  • Jennifer Garner 4 of 10
    Jennifer Garner
    Especially when you're a new parent it can be hard to sneak in a shower. How they do it, I don't know. I do imagine them inside looking all 'typical mom' though.
  • Gavin Rossdale 5 of 10
    Gavin Rossdale
    Celebrities are always seen out and about -- and with their partner. I don't remember the last time for me, but I do bet that nanny helps a lot!
  • Reese Witherspoon 6 of 10
    Reese Witherspoon
    Everyone has their quirks and downsides. I would LOVE to hear her confess that she 1) doesn't get a lot of sleep & 2) she's not perfect -- like the rest of us
  • David Beckham 7 of 10
    David Beckham
    Tell me a parent who hasn't had something like this happen to them out in public.
  • Will Smith 8 of 10
    Will Smith
    Laundry is the death trap of every parent -- right?
  • Tom Cruise 9 of 10
    Tom Cruise
    Kids love to get into things and are constantly ruining our stuff. I do hope it happens to celeb parents too & admit that yes, it's hard!
  • Natalie Portman 10 of 10
    Natalie Portman
    My house is never magazine perfect and I am not either. I would love to hear a celebrity admit they don't have it all together either.

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