Where Is Jill Zarin's Daughter Going to College?

The Real Housewives of New York Lost Footage featured a scene of Jill Zarin’s daughter, Allyson Zarin (Ally to uberfans), prepping for the college application process. College-app season is extra-stressful in NYC, and Jill spoke about the competitive nature of NYC parents when it comes to school. She pointed out that since Ally is an only child, the Zarin family is going all out to get her into a top school. So where is Jill Zarin’s daughter going to college this fall?

No formal announcement has been made, but a number of internet reports claim Ally will be enrolling at Sarah Lawrence. That may be the perfect place for the young Zarin. Sarah Lawrence (once an all-female school known for turning out blond society girls, it went co-ed in 1968) is in Bronxville, NY, just a half-hour north of  Manhattan’s Upper East Side. That means Ally will have no problem running home to have her mom, or her mom’s cleaning woman, do her laundry. 

Sarah Lawrence also comes with bragging rights for mom and dad: It’s the most expensive college in the United States. Last year, tuition, room, and board added up to $54,410 for the year. (the second most-expensive college last year was New York University, at $51,991 per year)

What do students get for all that cash? An excellent, if non-traditional, education. At Sarah Lawrence, students don’t have formal majors and progress is measured by analytic papers, written in all courses. This lack of a traditional structure means that if Ally’s services are needed on TV, she should be able to rush home.

Famous Sarah Lawrence alums include Rahm Emanuel, Vera Wang, J.J. Abrams, Julianna Margulies, Elisabeth Röhm, and writers Ann Patchett and Alice Walker. And, four years from now, Ally Zarin.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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