Who Are Mel Gibson’s 7 Children With His Ex? How Did They Turn Out?

Mel Gibson, if all the ranting abusive women-hitting and possible baby-battering news is true, should in no uncertain terms be allowed near his 8 month old daughter (or women or Jews, etc) with Oksana Grigorieva. But little Lucia is not Mel’s first child. He raised seven children with his ex wife Robyn, who has come to his defense during his recent custody battle. How did they turn out?

The news on Hannah, 29; twins Edward and Christian, 27; William (“Willie”), 25; Louis, 22; Milo, 20; and Thomas, 11 is spotty and percpetions run the gamut. A source tells the Daily Beast that the three eldest, “did their thing, partying, and whatnot, with the local kids. They kept a pretty low profile. They’re very understated, pretty grungy, surfer-looking people.” A different source told People, “They’re a rowdy bunch, but also very nice—very ‘Yes, sir, no, sir,’ which you don’t get a lot of around here.” And yet another source told the New York Post, the kids were “the holy terrors of Malibu. They do whatever they want.”

So what is the truth?

Living in Malibu, Mel’s brood has eschewed the Hollywood lifestyle. They all attended public school, stayed out of paparazzi lenses, and managed to avoid any major scandals. The boys like hunting, fishing, and skating, and attend Laker’s games when they are in town.

Sounds normal.

Daughter Hannah has worked as a make-up artist and production assistant on a few of Mel’s films. She briefly wanted to be a nun, but later married a blues rock musician who is a recovered alcoholic and drug abuser. She currently designs patterns for his guitars and plays mom to two children.

Son Milo, who reportedly has the closest relationship with his dad, is the sporty one and was co-captain of his high school  football team. But it wasn’t all letter jackets and big wins. He has had drug and alcohol problems, being expelled from school at age 12 for smoking pot. But that was a long time ago. Nowadays, he is known as the family do-gooder, presenting a $50,000 check on behalf of his family to the Kidney Foundation of Fiji. He has conservative leanings like Mel. During the Presidential campaign he was a Facebook member of One Million Strong Against Hillary [Clinton].

Son Christian has also had substance abuse issues. He was arrested during college for drunk driving and went to rehab. He and his brother Edward were also associated with a Malibu gang called the MLO that mostly bummed around and graffitied. He cleaned up though, as most do with age, and is now an artist whose landscape photographs have graced the walls of Malibu galleries.

From the looks of it, the kids had normal kid problems but turned out fine. This, backed by Robyn’s statements that Mel was never abusive and was “wonderful and loving father,” raises the question: What the heck happened to Mel?


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