Who Is LeBron James' Dad? This Man Claims He Is… And He Is Suing

LeBron James‘ life is a classic tale of rags to riches. On the eve of announcing where he’ll be lending his B-ball skills, the star athlete will surly be looking at some big signing bucks, especially if he goes to the Knicks. But he’s not the only one looking to cash in, a man claiming to be LeBron’s biological father is looking to have a big payday soon too.

LeBron James and his mom Gloria James have never spoke about who LeBron’s biological father is. Gloria gave birth to LeBron when she was just 16 and she raised him by herself.  Up to now, it’s been believed that Anthony McClelland, who was an ex-con and spent time in and out of prison, was his dad. And the tale is that he left Gloria and had no interest in being a father. The other rumor circulating around Akron was that LeBron’s dad was a local basketball star who died soon after leaving high school.  But now there is a third potential papa in the picture. And he wants to get paid. Big time. And he’s suing LeBron and Gloria to get it…

TMZ is reporting that Late last month a 55-year-old man named Leicester Bryce Stovell filed papers saying  LeBron and Gloria had tampered with evidence to cover up proof of his paternity. The man claims he met Gloria in D.C. at a bar and that the two hooked up. He had no idea at the time she was just 15, while he was 29. Now before you think “wow, this poor guy must be desperate for money and is just some crazy making claims,” think again. This man happens to be a Princeton graduate, has a law degree from the University of Chicago and was a Senior Legal Advisor for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. But then again he still could be some crazy making claims.

Leicester said that the two got back in touch partly because he thought it was odd how much LeBron looked like him. But he says she claimed that she had never met him and told him “LeBron’s money is for his children.” But the claims were not ignored and LeBron apparently followed through with a DNA paternity test via his lawyer – to see if Leicester was his dad. Leicester was given results saying that he was not his father. But now Leicester thinks they messed with the results and are hiding the truth.

So why would LeBron and Gloria go through all the trouble to keep him out of the picture? Leister thinks it is “due to anger at perceived abandonment and conflict arising from his image as a successful fatherless child from the projects.” Or maybe they just don’t want to share the wealth with LeBron long lost baby daddy?

And what does Leicester want? $4 million dollars? And his reasoning for this pay day? He’s claiming fraud, defamation and misrepresentation.

Do you think this man is just trying to cash in?

Image: Facebook / Bauer Griffin

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