Who’s Amy Railsback? 8 Things About Danny Bonaduce’s 3rd Wife!


Hopefully the third time is a charm! Partridge family member, Danny Bonaduce got married for the third time on November 22nd while on vacation in Maui to Amy Railsback. The ceremony was a surprise for his Amy, although the two had been engaged for quite a while. So who is Amy Railsback and when and where did the two lovebirds meet? Here are 8 things about Amy Railsback, the new Mrs. Bonaduce:

  1. Danny Bonaduce and Amy Railsback met three years ago at a Starbucks in California.
  2. Amy Railsback, is 28 and is 23 younger than Danny Bonaduce.
  3. Before Amy met Danny, she worked as a substitute school teacher but now she manages his career full-time.
  4. Amy will be the stepmother to Danny’s kids, Countess Isabella Michaela Bonaduce (daughter) and Count Dante Jean Michel Valentino Bonaduce (son)
  5. The two got engaged on March 12, 2009. Danny gave Amy Railsback a skull and crossbones ring, but he later replaced it with something a bit more upscale and traditional.
  6. Amy has a tattoo that has a tattoo for Danny that has the number 11 (the date of their first kiss) next to “forever”.
  7. After to their return to the mainland Danny tweeted: “Married! I am officially Dante Daniel Railsback Bonaduce and my beautiful bride is officially Amy Marie Railsback Bonaduce.”
  8. The two maintain homes in both Los Angeles and Philadelphia.
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