Worst Babysitters in Hollywood

  • Cindy Crawford 1 of 10
    Cindy Crawford
    In one of the strangest blackmail cases ever, Cindy Crawford and husband, Rande Gerber (of the Gerber baby fortune), received a photo from their nanny of their then-7-year-old daughter Kaia tied to a chair. The nanny threatened to release the photo to the public unless she was paid $100,000. Cindy and Rande contacted authorities immediately, and the extortion attempt was unsuccessful.
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  • Peter Andre and Katie Price 2 of 10
    Peter Andre and Katie Price
    Though British model Katie Price and her then-hubby, former pop star Peter Andre, presented a picture-perfect family life in their reality series The Baby Diaries, their former nanny has other things to say. “The only thing they do together is photo shoots,” she told News of the World. She also criticized the pair’s parenting techniques, everything from what they fed the kids to Katie’s refusal to get up in the middle of the night for her crying child. Peter and Katie have since divorced and, believe it or not, gone on to shoot individual reality shows.
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  • Heather Mills 3 of 10
    Heather Mills
    Sara Trumble nannied for Heather’s daughter, Beatrice, from 2004 to 2007, and Heather says Sara was “like a daughter” and even asked Heather to become her own child’s godmother. It all turned sour though when Heather claimed she refused to loan Sara money for a breast enhancement operation. Sara in return sued Heather, claiming she was forced out of her job and verbally abused.
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  • Geri Halliwell 4 of 10
    Geri Halliwell
    While on vacation with friends in 2006, the former Ginger Spice left her baby daughter, Bluebell, with temporary nanny Jasmine Schmidt while she went on a walk. Geri returned to find Bluebell screaming inside her crib and red marks on her face and arms. When questioned, the nanny refused to say anything, but it was later revealed in court that Jasmine had been accused of abusing another infant in 2003.
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  • David and Victoria Beckham 5 of 10
    David and Victoria Beckham
    In 2005, the Beckhams’ 27-year-old nanny, Abbie Gibson, spilled family secrets (or rumors) about David's infidelity and that Victoria was worried David would leave her while she was pregnant with her third son, Cruz. Victoria and David denied any truth in Abbie’s statements and attempted to sue Abbie for breaking a confidentiality agreement. Whether the nanny’s statements were true or not, the Beckhams have gone on to live a seemingly happy family life and just welcomed their fourth child, daughter Harper Seven.
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  • Uma Thurman 6 of 10
    Uma Thurman
    Ryan Thawhuges, the former nanny for Uma’s two kids, Maya and Levon, betrayed Uma when she had an affair with the man of the house, Ethan Hawke. Ethan didn’t stop there — he left Uma, married Ryan, had a daughter with her, and the couple now has a second child on the way! We can’t help but wonder if Ethan and Ryan have hired a nanny of their own?
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  • Rob Lowe 7 of 10
    Rob Lowe
    One of the family’s nannies demanded $1.5 million of Rob and his wife or threatened to accuse them of a whole list of things, which Rob told Huffington Post were untrue and would "damage and humiliate" the family. In 2008, a second nanny doubled the betrayal by not only saying she had an affair with Rob but claimed he was also sexually abusive. Rob filed lawsuits against both nannies, and in typical response, both filed suits in return.
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  • Madonna 8 of 10
    Melissa Dumas, former nanny for Madonna, planned to publish a tell-all book about what it was like working and living with Madonna, which seemed like the ultimate nanny betrayal — spilling all the family secrets — but after the book was actually sent to the publisher, its release was canceled. Turns out the biggest “secret” in Melissa’s book was that Madonna was hard to work for. Shocker.
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  • Jude Law and Family 9 of 10
    Jude Law and Family
    In this case, the celeb dad was in on the betrayal. Who could forget Jude Law’s infamous affair with his kids’ nanny, Daisy Wright, while engaged to Sienna Miller? The situation was especially tough on the kids since, according to Jude’s ex-wife, Sadie Frost, the kids accidentally walked in on Jude and Daisy in bed together. Yikes. Talk about confusing for them! Though Jude later tried to patch things up with Sienna after coming clean about the affair, the two officially split in November.
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  • Brad and Angelina 10 of 10
    Brad and Angelina
    In a 2010 interview with In Touch Weekly, one of Brangelina’s many nannies stepped forward to dish the secrets of this famous large family. According to the nanny, the household is chaotic and basically run by the six kids instead of by Brad and Angelina. Maddox, the oldest, is already allowed to drive and drink wine every now and then. According to the nanny, the kids are also allowed to swear and watch R-rated movies.
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