Wreck-It Ralph: How It Was Made!

Me and Ralph!
Me and Ralph!

One thing about the animation team at Disney, they really make it seem so easy and effortless!

When you watch Wreck-It Ralph, you are so absorbed in the story, the characters and gorgeous style of the film, that you would never know the massive amount of work involved in the making of this instant classic. We’re talking years of work and hundreds of contributors to create this amazing and totally awesome feat of film making. And that just shows how amazing the work is, that it’s all so seamless and subtle. So how did they make the magic happen? We got a behind the scenes look at how it Wreck-It Ralph was made, check it out here:

  • The Visual Developement 1 of 5
    The Visual Developement
    The look of Ralph seems so perfect for the film, but there were a whole slew of Ralphs that they played with before they came to the one we know and love. Two members of the Visual Development Team (Mike Gabriel and Bill Schwab) walked us through all the incarnations of Ralph from furry (like above) to apelike Ralphs to one that looked far more Hillbilly. Initially they saw him as a mix of Peg Leg Pete, Homer Simpson and a standard issue 'bull in a china shop."
    And check back soon, we'll be sharing a collection of past versions of Ralph!
  • Camera Capture 2 of 5
    Camera Capture
    At the animation studios, there is a long simple room that proves to be very important to the animation process. This is where they do their camera capture. Using sensors on a variety of objects (like sticks or on tripods) the crew can capture Ralph walking and running in the environment. This allows the animators to have realistic movement with the characters. Above, one us bloggers got a chance to navigate in this virtual space as Ralph in the land of Hero's Duty.
  • Animation 3 of 5
    The animation team, and there were over a hundred working on Wreck-It Ralph . Each animator is responsible for a segment of the film, spending their months on just a couple minutes of footage. A labor intensive process but with amazing results.
  • Rigging 4 of 5
    So after they settled on their Ralph, they had to make him move. As part of the animation process, a team creates a movable version of the characters so that they can be moved via anchor points and control handles. We got to sit down at computers and play with Ralph. Above is my wacky attempt at making Ralph my own!
  • The Story 5 of 5
    The Story
    One of the super cool things we saw at Disney animation were some pieces of the film that didn't make it into the finished product. But on the DVD you'll get a peek at some of the scenes that didn't make it. Above is a shot of Ralph going to a land called Extreme Easy Livin' 2, which was hilarious! Hopefully a Wreck-It Ralph 2 will be made so we can see this "game" become realized!

Wreck-It Ralph DVD is available everywhere on March 5th!



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