10 Celebrities who Make Being a Grandparent Look Good

Forget the stigma of “grandparent,” these A-listers make the titles “Grams” and “Gramps”, look, well, grand. – Jen Genova

  • Celebrity Grandparents: Jim Carrey

    Jim Carrey

    Ace Ventura a grandpa? Yep, Jim Carrey’s look-alike daughter, Jane, welcomed a son, Jackson Riley, in late February, and the funny pop couldn’t be more proud – even tweeting his grandson’s picture shortly after his arrival.

  • Celebrity Grandparents: Pierce Brosnan

    Pierce Brosnan

    Double oh-seven is now on double-oh diaper duty (Sorry, we had to). The sexy spy was forty-four when adopted daughter, Charlotte, started having kids. But in 2001, Pierce become a father again, making his son, Paris, three years younger than his niece. Sounds a leetle confusing but, hey, when you’ve been James Bond, the rules don’t apply to you.

  • Celebrity Grandparents: Whoopi Goldberg

    Whoopi Goldberg

    Funny lady Whoopi Goldberg chit-chats on The View, but quietly, she’s the matriarch of a fam that includes three grandchildren. Goldberg, who was a teen mom herself, became a grams for the first time at thirty-four, when her sixteen-year-old daughter gave birth. And though she enjoys the title, Whoopi insisted to London’s Daily Mail, “Great-grandchildren I’m not doing!” We’ll see.

  • Celebrity Grandparents: Donny Osmond

    Donny Osmond

    The one-time Dancing With The Stars champ and dad of five sons welcomed grandson, Dylan, in 2005. But unlike other performers who’ve shied away from the grandparent stigma, the 70s dreamboat embraced it, even appearing on the cover of Grand, a magazine for grandparents. Loveable guy, that Donny.

  • Celebrity Grandparents: Reba McEntire

    Reba McEntire

    Playing a young grandma on her sitcom Reba wasn’t too much of a stretch for country queen Reba McEntire, who has two step-grandchildren as well as a nineteen-year-old son. And while her home may lack the continual dram-edy of her long-running TV show, Reba says she keeps it “filled up – toys everywhere, kids running around.” Sounds cozy.

  • Celebrity Grandparents: Blythe Danner

    Blythe Danner

    She plays one of our favorite movie grandmas in Meet The Fockers alongside the hee-larious Robert DeNiro, but in real life she’s Grandma to the creatively-named Apple and Moses. (Maybe you’ve heard of them?) She calls grandparenting “bigger than I ever imagined,” and though she’s doing it solo (Gwyneth’s dad, Bruce, passed away in 2002), she seems absolutely made for the role.

  • Celebrity Grandparents: Goldie Hawn

    Goldie Hawn

    Perhaps the most stylish grandparent on the list, Goldie Hawn received the title in 2004 when actress daughter Kate Hudson gave birth to Ryder Robinson and again when son Oliver Hudson’s baby, Wilder, was born in 2007. She’s living proof that grandmas don’t have to sacrifice glamour – this past September, she was voted one of Hollywood’s Hottest Grandparents.

  • Celebrity Grandparents: Tony Danza

    Tony Danza

    Who’s the grandpa? Tony Danza, that’s who! He officially added “Gramps” to his act in August of 2005, when son, Marc, welcomed baby, Nicholas, to the world. And he’s loving every minute of it, so it seems, claiming grandfather-hood has him “bouncing around” – whatever that means:

  • Celebrity Grandparents: Lionel Richie

    Lionel Richie

    The singer became a grandfather in 2008 when adopted daughter, Nicole gave birth to Harlow, her first child with Good Charlotte front-man, Joel Madden. (The pair have since added a son, Sparrow, to the bunch.) Although Lionel claims he’s “more nervous” than his daughter, we have a feeling Richie’s actually pretty hands-on – maybe he’ll teach the kids to dance on the ceiling?

  • Celebrity Grandparents: Harrison Ford

    Harrison Ford

    Along with Goldie, Harrison was also voted one of Hollywood’s sexiest grandparents. And like Pierce Brosnan, Ford has children of multiple generations. In his case, his grandson is actually older than his adopted son, Liam, with Calista Flockhart. We kind of wish he’d lose that odd earring thing he’s got going on, but beside that, we’d totally let Indiana Jones babysit our kids.

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