Stewarding a Family Tradition

Next up in our series that focuses on amazing Citizen Kids is Jenna, seventh generation dairy farmer and an award-winning member of 4H.

Ten-year-old Jenna is passionate about educating other kids about the benefits of milk, and where milk actually comes from. She leads tours at her family’s farm where she shows visitors where the cows are milked, where the milk is held, and espouses milk’s health benefits.

Sporting black and white cowhide printed bows in her pigtails, Jenna stands before a tour group, expertly explaining milk facts, even cracking the odd chocolate milk joke along the way. It’s pretty adorable, but also inspiring to see her talk about dairy farming with such authority.

Seeing a kid so passionate about her family’s trade is in many ways a cultural anomaly. Looking at all of the Citizen Kids we’ve been celebrating, many are going far outside of their typical worlds to pursue talents and help others. Jenna, however, found her niche close to home, which is somehow still a very unique spot for her — as a steward of her family’s dairy legacy that has spanned seven generations.

“I want kids to know when they pour a glass of milk that it actually comes from a cow,” Jenna says about the message she’s trying to share. Her half joke really shows the distance many of us have from the actual production of items we use and consume everyday, making it all the more amazing that at just ten years, Jenna cares so much about all the details of the farm, and is knowledgeable and ambitious enough to share them with the world.

“I think it’s so cool that dairy farming in our family has been passed down and that it’s going to be my turn.”

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