Alice Gomstyn

Professional writer, amateur mommy, failed gangsta rapper.


Alice Gomstyn is a longtime journalist and sometime humorist. She's covered beats ranging from business to parenting for national websites and metropolitan newspapers including ABCNews.com, NBCNews.com, The Boston Globe and The Providence Journal. Her career highlights include having her hand kissed by Richard Simmons and accidentally stealing Charlie Gibson's bagel in the ABC News cafeteria. She dabbles in making folks laugh through her Mildly Inappropriate Mommy Facebook page and irreverent blog posts.



Fun Facts

  • The first thing people notice about me:

    I speak very quickly. Learn to keep up and we'll be great friends!

  • Something I hide from my kids:

    Candy. ALL the candy. But I don't hide it from myself, much to my dentist's chagrin. I expect I'll be out of teeth by sometime in 2019.

  • My most impressive parenting skill:

    I make up random song parodies to entertain my kids...and myself. My take on "Lady in Red":"Baby in bed...just spit up on me/Mouth to cheek/Why'd I put you here?/You ruined my sheets."

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