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We think every mom has Supermom Moments — those little successes that make you feel absolutely super! We love to blog about each #SupermomMoment, and we share free printables to help you make a #SupermomMoment of your own! Created by “Sometimes Supermoms” Aimée and Bettijo, Paging Supermom evolved after many discussions with each other sharing our best insights on homemaking, parenting, party planning, teaching, playing and sometimes simply surviving. We soon discovered that although we can’t claim to be super all the time, we each had our moments. By sharing our successes (and some of the funny moments when we fell flat on our faces), we hope to inspire others to find their inner superhero a little more often.


Phoenix, AZ


6 kids between us!

Fun Facts

  • Before we had kids we swore we'd never:

    Own a minivan ... Aimée still doesn't, but with 4 kids Bettijo had to surrender!

  • What do you hide from your kids?

    Bettijo hides chocolate from her kids — she doesn't know what she'll do when they figure out how to get to the top of the refrigerator.

  • How much coffee do you drink per day?

    Aimée and Bettijo keep up with 6 kids between them without a single drop of coffee!

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